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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring

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  1. Increte High Performance Epoxy Clear - 3 Gal unit

    Increte High Performance Epoxy Clear

    Price From: $80.95

    1 & 3 Gallon Units Available

    A 100% solids performance coating designed to provide high gloss, high build protection for concrete and masonry surfaces. As a 100% solids coating, High Performance Epoxy has lower solvent odor than typical industrial coating. This feature allows for use in occupied buildings. High Performance Epoxy is chemically resistant, anti-microbial and easily buffed.  Both components packaged in a convenient single pail.

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  2. Miracote MiraFlor CQ Clear Epoxy

    Miracote MiraFlor CQ Clear Epoxy

    Price From: $167.33

    1.5 & 3 Gallon Units Available

    MiraFlor CQ Clear epoxy is a thin film two-component polymer used in Miracote Colorquartz, Miracote MPC-MT concrete floor coating and concrete floor sealing applications. MiraFlor CQ Clear epoxy adds value, durability, and ease of maintenance. It is designed for use where long-lasting monolithic protection of decorative substrates is required.

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  3. Increte High Performance Epoxy Clear - 3 Gal unit

    Euclid Eucopoxy Tufcoat VOX Clear

    Price From: $146.00

    1 & 5 Gallon Units Available

    A two-component, water-based, low-odor, epoxy-polyamide coating. It acts as a tough, abrasion-resistant membrane that withstands wear and chemical attack in a variety of applications. Used in many areas where a solvent-based product is not permitted. This coating may be used as a primer for many of the other products in the Eucopoxy Tufcoat family.

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  4. Euclid Eucopoxy Tufcoat DBS Clear 3 gallon unit

    Euclid Eucopoxy Tufcoat DBS Clear 3 gallon unit


    Provides an attractive seamless floor that is chemical and abrasion resistant. Utilizing a 100% solids epoxy and colored quartz aggregate, it can be applied to provide positive footing or a smooth, high gloss appearance. The colored quartz aggregate can be blended to product an aesthetic tile like pattern.

    * Hazardous Item, Cannot Ship UPS

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4 Item(s)