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Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete

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  1. BASF MasterKure CC 200 WB

    BASF MasterKure CC 200 WB 5 gallon pail


    Kure-N-Seal 200WB is a waterborne, acrylic, 16% solids, and transparent curing, sealing, and dustproofing compound. Apply it on damp or dry surfaces of freshly placed and finished concrete, aged floors, and exposed aggregate.

    (Formerly known as Kure N Seal W)

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  2. BASF MasterKure CC 1315 WB

    BASF MasterKure CC 1315 WB 5 gallon pail


    A transparent water-based blend of acrylic polymers used to cure, seal and dustproof freshly placed and finished concrete floors. Contains no oils, saponifiable resins, waxes or chlorinated rubbers. Use interior or exterior on horizontal or vertical surfaces. 

    (Formerly known as Kure 1315)

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  3. ChemMasters Durashield SRT 5 gallon

    ChemMasters Durashield SRT 5 Gallon Concrete Sealant with Superior Chemical & Abrasion Resistance


    High performance, Catalyzed, High Gloss Sealer for Interior Concrete

    A high performance sealer with superior chemical and abrasion resistance. This 2-component, high solids, catalyzed sealer is a light straw color in the pail but dries crystal clear and will not yellow on concrete. Contains no solvent, a functionalized alkoxy silane is added before application to crosslink the resin for maximum performance. Incorporates the gloss and application characteristics of a solvent-based sealer, the low VOCs and easy clean-up of a water-based product and the chemical & abrasion resistance of an epoxy.

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  4. ChemMasters Polyseal WB 5 gallon

    Polyseal WB 5 Gallon High Solids VOC Compliant Concrete Sealant


    A high solids, VOC compliant, concrete curing and sealing compound. Resists discoloration from UV exposure. Clear and 12 standard colors, custom color matching available, one tint unit per 5 gallon pail. Not for surfaces to receive concrete overlays or toppings.

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  5. Ardex Concrete Guard Clear 1 gallon

    Ardex Concrete Guard Clear 1 Gallon Concrete Sealant

    A high solids acrylic sealer designed to protect all common concrete and masonry surfaces, both interior and exterior. Especially suited for sealing Ardex CD. Drying Time: To touch: 1 hour, normal traffic: 24 hours. Learn More
  6. ChemMasters Safe-Cure & Seal 309 5 gallon

    Chemmasters Safe-Cure & Seal 309 5 gallon


    Safe-Cure & Seal 309 is a water emulsion, styrene acrylate copolymer curing and sealing compound with U.V. absorbers and stabilizers for maximum yellowing resistance. Safe-Cure & Seal 309 is low-odor and produces a medium gloss film. Safe-Cure & Seal 309 protects concrete surfaces from the intrusion of water borne contaminants and dirt.

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6 Item(s)