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Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete

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  1. Ardex Concrete Guard Clear 1 gallon

    Ardex Concrete Guard Clear 1 Gallon Concrete Sealant

    A high solids acrylic sealer designed to protect all common concrete and masonry surfaces, both interior and exterior. Especially suited for sealing Ardex CD. Drying Time: To touch: 1 hour, normal traffic: 24 hours. Learn More
  2. BASF MasterKure CC 200 WB

    BASF MasterKure CC 200 WB 5 gallon pail


    Kure-N-Seal 200WB is a waterborne, acrylic, 16% solids, and transparent curing, sealing, and dustproofing compound. Apply it on damp or dry surfaces of freshly placed and finished concrete, aged floors, and exposed aggregate.

    (Formerly known as Kure N Seal W)

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  3. BASF MasterKure CC 300 XS

    BASF MasterKure CC 300 XS 5 gallon pail


    A transparent, 30% solids, exempt-solvent-based, acrylic curing membrane. Apply it to damp or dry surfaces to provide a high-gloss finish. Technical Data: Drying Time: < 1 hr.

    (Formerly known as Kure N Seal 30 ES)

    * Hazardous Item, Cannot Ship UPS

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  4. BASF MasterKure CC 1315 WB

    BASF MasterKure CC 1315 WB 5 gallon pail


    A transparent water-based blend of acrylic polymers used to cure, seal and dustproof freshly placed and finished concrete floors. Contains no oils, saponifiable resins, waxes or chlorinated rubbers. Use interior or exterior on horizontal or vertical surfaces. 

    (Formerly known as Kure 1315)

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  5. Brickform Ashlar Cut Slate Stamp

    Brickform Ashlar Cut Slate - Rental


    Ashlar Cut Slate Stamp

    Set Includes:

    3 - 23" x 23" FM3125 Red Stamps

    3 - 23" x 23" FM3125 Blue Stamps

    3 - 23" x 23" FM3125 Yellow Stamps

    1 - 23" x 23" FM3125 Floppy Stamp

    1 - Slate Texture Skin

    A naturally laminated stone texture split along parallel planes, hand-tooled to create a more pronounced chipped fragmented texture with small deep joints.

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  6. Brickform Cobblestone Radius Stamp

    Brickform Cobblestone Radius - Rental


    Radius 5', 9', 14', 18'

    Cobblestone Radius Stamp

    Set Includes:

    4 - FM1600 5' Radius Yellow Stamps

    2 - FM1650 9' Radius Blue Stamps

    2 - FM1665 14' Radius Yellow Stamps

    2 - FM1675 18' Radius Blue Stamps

    1 - Slate Texture Skin

    Create authentic looking, circular cobble designs.

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  7. Brickform Utah Stone Stamp

    Brickform Utah Stone - Rental


    18" Utah Stone Stamp

    Set Includes:

    9 - 18" x 36" FM900 Stamps

    1 - FM900 Floppy

    1 - Utah Stone Texture Skin Learn More

  8. Brickform Herringbone Slate Stamp

    Brickform Herringbone Slate - Rental


    Herringbone Slate Stamp

    Set Includes:

    9 - 32" x 40" FM3550 Stamps

    1 - FM3550 Floppy

    1 - Slate Texture Skin

    A classic herringbone pattern of slate stones laid at right angles to each other.

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  9. Brickform Herringbone Used Brick Stamp

    Brickform Herringbone Used Brick - Rental


    Herringbone Used Brick Stamp

    Set Includes:

    7 - 32" x 36" FM5000 Stamps

    1 - FM5000 Floppy

    1 - Used Brick Texture Skin

    A weatherworn brick surface with an uneven texture and rounded broken edges.

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  10. Brickform Antique It - 1 Gallon

    Brickform Antique It - 1 Gallon


    Brickform Antique-It is a water soluble antiquing agent designed to impart a secondary color or highlight over stamped concrete or textured overlays. Antique-It is easy to apply, dries fast and provides a durable color that closely resembles the look of release powder.

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Items 1 to 10 of 137 total