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Equipment Rental

Innovative construction and concrete rental equipment for installing material, surface prep, climate and air control, cutting and demolition.

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  1. Gorilla Concrete Crack Chasing Saw

    Gorilla Concrete Crack Chasing Saw - Rental


    $95 Daily $285 Weekly l $855 Monthly

    Dustless Concrete Saws Feature:

    • Heavy Duty commercial-grade construction with swiveling caster wheels
    • Powered by 4-1/2" grinder
    • Operates from standard 120 volt power supply
    • Easy to operate
    • Great for indoor & outdoor use
    • Hooks to any Shop Vac for a virtually Dust-Free environment
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  2. Smith 15" Liquid Propane Scarifier - Rental

    Smith 15" Liquid Propane Scarifier - Rental


    $440 Daily $1,320 Weekly l $3,960 Monthly

    Smith FS351 15HP - Liquid Propane

    Best for diamond grinding, leveling concrete floors, cleaning surface marks, grooving trench control joints, removing concrete curls, asphalt high spots. Used by concrete and asphalt professionals alike who want to use multiple machines with a single user without wearing out the operator. 

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  3. Quikspray Carrousel Pump (shown with optional mixer)

    Quikspray Carrousel Air-Operated Pump - Rental


    $325 Daily $975 Weekly l $2,925 Monthly

    Pump and apply a variety of commercial grout formulas
    • Epoxy, cement or plaster
    • With or without aggregate
    • Easily pump fibered products

    Rental Includes: 1-1/2” x 50’ hose 

    Requires a minimum compressor of 125 CFM to operate/spray with pump

    Need help selecting a pump or have general questions? Ask our Pump Equipment Expert!

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  4. Diteq Wet Polisher

    Diteq Wet Polisher - Rental


    $75 Daily $225 Weekly l $675 Monthly

    Kit Includes Polisher & Pads

    • Variable Speed
    • Professional grade
    • Powerful 650W motor
    • Heavy-duty components
    • Wear resistant die-cast aluminum gear cover
    • Crack-resistant engineered nylon body
    • Convenient spindle lock
    • Lightweight and compact design
    • Easy-to-change carbon brushes
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  5. Ekso Bionic Aerial Arm - Rental

    Ekso Bionic Aerial Arm - Rental


    $105 Daily $315 Weekly l $945 Monthly

    EksoZeroG helps ease the physical burden on construction and electrical workers. With EksoWorks' innovative exoskeleton technology, your workers can now complete heavy hand tool tasks with less fatigue, better workmanship, and fewer workplace injuries.

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  6. Stand-Up Joint Clean-Out Saw

    Stand-Up Joint Clean-Out Saw - Rental


    $125 Daily $375 Weekly l $1,125 Monthly

    This US Saws SX13550 Dust Buggy Joint Cleanout Concrete Saw can be used directly with the Metabo W24-230 grinder to help you maintain a clean jobsite. The SX13550 can be used with a 7" or 8" blade to reach a maximum cutting depth of 2"

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  7. Concrete Cleaner 32"

    Concrete Cleaner 32" - Rental


    $45 Daily $135 Weekly l $405 Monthly

    Clean large surfaces faster and easier than with a standard cleaning nozzle. This cleaning accessory can be used on decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, parking lots and any other horizontal surface.

    Need help selecting a pump or have general questions? Ask our Pump Equipment Expert!

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  8. Nustar Electric Wheelbarrow E-750

    Nustar Electric Wheelbarrow E-750 - Rental


    $125 Daily $375 Weekly l $1,125 Monthly

    Nustar E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow

    • Move up to 750 lbs at 3 MPH
    • Up to 9 cu ft capacity with power dump
    • Electric motor allows you easily move indoors without producing harmful emissions
    • Easily accesses difficult, hard to reach areas
    • Move material up inclines with ease 
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  9. Wyco ErgoPack WB950 Backpack Vibrator - Rental

    Backpack Vibrator - Rental


    $65 Daily $195 Weekly l $585 Monthly

    The Wyco backpack design provides for easy mobility around the jobsite and can allow one user to easily vibrate low to high slump concrete with up to a 2” head with ease. Featuring a diaphragm carburetor, users can have the backpack in virtually any position and the unit will remain running while a low oil shutoff prevents engine burn-up.

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  10. Rabbit 20" 2 Speed Buffer

    Rabbit 20" 2 Speed Buffer - Rental


    $50 Daily $150 Weekly l $450 Monthly

    Rabbit 20" two speed buffer

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Items 1 to 10 of 16 total