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Equipment Rental

Innovative construction and concrete rental equipment for installing material, surface prep, climate and air control, cutting and demolition.

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  1. Collomix LevMix Portable Mixer - Rental

    Collomix LevMix Portable Mixer - Rental


    $75 Daily $225 Weekly l $675 Monthly

    Blending of leveling compounds fast and easy with the new Collomix LevMix mobile mixer. The LevMix unites 3 steps in 1 operation; mixing, transporting, and pouring out. Save time and mix up to 3 bags of mixing material at once.

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  2. Collomix Hand Held Mixer

    Collomix Xo1 Hand Held Mixer - Rental


    $30 Daily $90 Weekly l $270 Monthly

    Hand held electric mixer. Rental comes with mortar mixing paddle

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2 Item(s)