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Concrete Buggies

Concrete Buggy Rentals

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  1. SC75 Canycom Track Buggy

    SC75 Canycom Pivot Track Buggy - Rental


    $200 Daily $600 Weekly l $1,800 Monthly

    Canycom’s highly popular SC75 16 cu ft Concrete Buggy with a rubber track undercarriage transports concrete with ease over rough terrain causing minimal impact to the ground surface.

    This buggy pivots 180°,  which allows side dumping for those hard to reach areas.

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  2. Allen Engineering AR16 16 Cubic Foot Concrete Buggy - Rental

    Allen 16 cu ft Concrete Buggy - Rental


    $125 Daily $375 Weekly l $1,125 Monthly

    The sixteen cubic foot AR16 has earned its rank as the standard by which all power buggies are judged. The massive two-inch thick solid steel tank-tough frames provide unparalleled strength and durability along with a lower center of gravity and ideal weight distribution. This buggy give excellent traction in real-world job site conditions. The standard high-strength, high-density polyethylene bucket is the industry’s thickest and most durable. The AR16 will operate for the duration under tough conditions.

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  3. Nustar Electric Wheelbarrow E-750

    Nustar Electric Wheelbarrow E-750 - Rental


    $125 Daily $375 Weekly l $1,125 Monthly

    Nustar E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow

    • Move up to 750 lbs at 3 MPH
    • Up to 9 cu ft capacity with power dump
    • Electric motor allows you easily move indoors without producing harmful emissions
    • Easily accesses difficult, hard to reach areas
    • Move material up inclines with ease 
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3 Item(s)