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Pumps & Sprayers

Innovative concrete pumps and sprayers to install material efficiently and effectively which can result in huge labor savings.

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  1. Quikspray Carrousel Electric-Operated Pump - Rental

    Quikspray Carrousel Electric-Operated Pump - Rental


    $325 Daily $975 Weekly l $2,925 Monthly

    This Carrousel model is configured specifically for thinner cement coatings, i.e. toppings & underlayments. This can be also used for pumping plasters or other cement formulas that are applied 1/4" or less in thickness.

    • 1 HP - 110VAC variable speed motor and control
    • 18 Gallon Hopper
    • 16" pneumatic tires
    • Material Delivery - Approximately 2 GPM

    Requires a minimum compressor of 10 CFM for spraying applications

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  2. Quikspray Mixer

    Quikspray Mixer - Rental


    $125 Daily $375 Weekly l $1,125 Monthly

    Quikstir Mixers have been used worldwide for more than 40 years because of their simplicity, rugged build and versatility. Quikstir Mixers are used to hydrate and mix materials that will be poured or sprayed.

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2 Item(s)