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Floor Scrapers

Walk behind and riding scrapers for rental - propane and electric models. These machines are used to remove glue, adhesive, tile, vct, carpet, and wood flooring. Scraper blades are also available for purchase.

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  1. National Flooring Equipment Adjustable Handle 550 Walk Behind Floor Scraper

    National 550 Walk Behind Floor Scraper - Rental


    $105 Daily $315 Weekly l $945 Monthly

    The 550 is ideal for residential work and tight, confined spaces on commercial jobs. The accelerated RPM orbital cutting action delivers an efficient and operator-friendly machine. With decimal ratings under industry and safety standards, this machine is a must-have.

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  2. MDF35 Long Reach Pneumatic Chisel / Tool

    MDF35 Long Reach Pneumatic Chisel - Rental


    $60 Daily $180 Weekly l $540 Monthly

    Designed for a wide variety of surface preparation projects. Work fast and easy for removing vinyl and ceramic tiles, carpet adhesives and material build-ups from floors and walls. 7 CFM min compressor, 55 1/2" overall length. Bits included in rental.

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  3. National Flooring Equipment 5700 Battery Powered  Riding Scraper - Rental

    National 5700 Battery Powered Riding Scraper - Rental


    $685 Daily $2,055 Weekly l $6,165 Monthly

    Considering the extensive hours operators occupy the driver seat, National’s Ride-On Machines are engineered with comfort and longevity in mind! Appropriately named the All Day Battery Ride-On removal and floor preparation machine - this machine has the ability to operate through an average eight hour day without requiring a battery recharge, or electrical cord assistance.

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  4. National Flooring Equipment 5625 Propane Riding Scraper - Rental

    National 5625 Propane Riding Scraper - Concrete Rental Equipment


    Concrete Rental Equipment Rates: $685 Daily $2,055 Weekly l $6,165 Monthly

    The 5625 boasts a 25 hp water cooled Kawasaki engine with the lowest emissions output in the industry • Its unique design allows the 5625 to plow through material without hesitation.

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  5. National Flooring Equipment 7600 Propane Riding Scraper - Rental

    National 7600 Propane Riding Scraper - Rental


    $785 Daily $2,355 Weekly l $7,065 Monthly

    Weighing in at 2700 pounds, the National 7600 is designed to run with the big boys. Utilizing our propriety engineering, the propane powered 7600 omits the lowest emissions in its class while designed to achieve massive removal rates. Easy to transport, fits in a standard door frame and accessible to most passenger and freight elevators, the 7600 can go places the others can not.

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  6. National 6280 Self Propelled Scraper

    National 6280 Self Propelled Scraper - Rental


    $230 Daily $690 Weekly l $2,070 Monthly

    This self-propelled stripper will remove the worst of today’s glued-down floors, gummy commercial carpet, VCT, solid vinyl, radial rubber tile, sheet rubber, indoor and outdoor sport surfaces, roofing material, etc.

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  7. National Razor Scraper Blades

    National Razor Scraper Blades


    These razor sharp blades are designed for super hard thin epoxies, thin mil coatings (like urethane paint), poured elastomeric coatings up to 60 mil and hard to remove adhesives.

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  8. National Extra HD Scraper Blade

    National Extra HD Scraper Blade

    Price From: $55.16

    These extremely hard, high abrasion alloy blades are designed for tough tear up situations. VCT, VAT, wood, tile, lighter ceramic, rescraping thin-set, all carpets, cork, elastomeric coatings, rescraping rubber and urethane coatings. They hold all edges extremely well.

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  9. National Angle Shank Carbide Tip Blades

    National Angle Shank Carbide Tip Blades

    Price From: $243.33

    These shanks are designed for ceramic removal and thin-set rescraping. The half inch of extra carbide allows for maximum resharpening. These tools can handle work loads up to 3500 pounds! The 552 angle shank with carbide tip is designed for light-duty commercial & residential grade ceramic tile and hard good removal. A 551 shank holder is required to attach this blade to the 550 walk-behind scraper.

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  10. National Self Scoring Blades

    National Self Scoring Blades


    These angled self-scoring wing tipped blades are tough and long lasting. Made from National’s proven blade hardening process, they perform up to ten times longer than the competition. They work on attached cushion, unitary or secondary backing, vinyl back, soft to medium PVC, linoleum, carpet tiles, soft cork, enhancer and unibond hot melts.

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Items 1 to 10 of 11 total