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HEPA Vacuums

HEPA Vacuum rentals are used to safely contain harmful airborne particles caused by grinding or polishing concrete.

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  1. Quick View Larue HEPA Pulse Vacuum

    Larue Pulse HEPA Filter Vacuum Rental


    $70 Daily $210 Weekly l $630 Monthly

    The Larue Pulse Vac is a certified HEPA vacuum. It can be used for the general cleanup, vacuuming hard surfaces or carpets, but is designed to collect, capture and control dust generated by hand held power tools, surface preparation equipment up to 20" diameter and manufacturing machinery. Our revolutionary design in vacuum filtration automatically flushes the filters clear while you work, using only ambient air and vacuum. 

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  2. Quick View Husqvarna 5500 Vac - Rental

    Husqvarna DC5500 Vac - Rental


    $195 Daily $585 Weekly l $1,755 Monthly

    The Husqvarna DC 5500 has exceptional performance and industrial strength to meet even the most demanding industrial application where high suction and flow are required to eliminate airborne dust. This highly mobile and versatile unit can be used for both wet and dry applications.

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  3. Quick View Husqvarna DC6000 Vacuum

    Husqvarna DC6000 HEPA Filter Vacuum Rental


    $195 Daily $585 Weekly l $1,755 Monthly

    The DC 6000 is developed with unique double shell cyclone technology and automatic filter cleaning. The cyclone technology enables constant high air flow and high productivity, leaving less dust on floor and thereby saves the user time with cleaning.

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  4. Quick View Dewalt 10 Gallon HEPA Vac DWV012 - Rental

    Dewalt 10 Gallon HEPA Vac DWV012 - Rental


    $40 Daily $120 Weekly l $360 Monthly

    • Automatic Filter Clean pulses every 30 seconds for continuous operations without stopping to clean filter
    • Powerful 15 Amp motor delivers 140 CFM of airflow for maximum suction
    • Power Tool Actuation controls the On/Off operations of the vacuum with a power tool
    • Meets the EPA Lead Related Renovations, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule for HEPA Vacuum only when DWV9320 Filter is used (Filter inlcuded with unit)
    • Variable Suction controls vacuum's power consumption and amount of suction
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4 Item(s)