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Equipment Rental

Innovative construction and concrete rental equipment for installing material, surface prep, climate and air control, cutting and demolition.

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  1. Allen Engineering AR16 16 Cubic Foot Concrete Buggy - Rental

    Allen 16 cu ft Concrete Buggy - Rental


    $125 Daily $375 Weekly l $1,125 Monthly

    The sixteen cubic foot AR16 has earned its rank as the standard by which all power buggies are judged. The massive two-inch thick solid steel tank-tough frames provide unparalleled strength and durability along with a lower center of gravity and ideal weight distribution. This buggy give excellent traction in real-world job site conditions. The standard high-strength, high-density polyethylene bucket is the industry’s thickest and most durable. The AR16 will operate for the duration under tough conditions.

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  2. Allen 36" Edging Trowel - Rental

    Allen 36" Edging Trowel - Rental


    $95 Daily $285 Weekly l $855 Monthly


    • Honda GX270 - 9HP
    • Maximum Rotor Speed - 118 RPM
    • Guard rings rotate, allow walker to snug and ride along an edge. Finishes to 5/16" with Float Pans or 3/4" with Blades


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  3. Allen Pro TWP 4469H Walk Behind Trowel - 46"

    Allen 46" Walk Behind Trowel - Rental


    $95 Daily $285 Weekly l $855 Monthly

    Engineered for the concrete professional, our Allen Walkers are designed to produce high tolerance concrete floors (as measured by F-Numbers) with highquality features that are hard to find on other trowels. Allen Pro-Series Walkers feature precision engineered Allen Gearboxes for long, trouble-free life. We use cast iron spiders, pressure plates and lift levers for long wear and continuous service. Allen precision machines the trowel arms and spiders to such close tolerances that our trowels don’t need bushings.

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  4. Allen HDX 600 8' Riding Trowel

    Allen HDX 600 8' Riding Trowel - Concrete Rental Equipment


    Concrete Rental Equipment Rates: $475 Daily $1,425 Weekly l $4,275 Monthly

    Designed to satisfy the most demanding concrete contractors, the Allen HDX600, Hydraulic-Powered Riding Trowel is packed with the punch of a high-horsepower diesel engine and is the most powerful rider in its class and also one of the most dependable. With ideal weight to horsepower ratio and hydraulic components (including a patented automatic load sensing device), the HDX600 ensures a peak performance every time.

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  5. Allen MSP 445 8' Riding Trowel - Rental

    Allen MSP 445 8' Riding Trowel - Rental


    $330 Daily $990 Weekly l $2,970 Monthly

    The Allen Mechanical-Drive Super Pro (MSP) Series is their most popular series of riders with larger contractors. These riding trowels are powerful and responsive due their weight to-horsepower ratio.

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  6. Allen MSP 470 8' Riding Trowel

    Allen MSP 470 8' Riding Trowel - Rental


    $395 Daily $1,185 Weekly l $3,555 Monthly

    Featuring your choice of joystick power or manual lever steering and the power of a gasoline engine, the Mechanical-Drive Super Pro (MSP) Series is our most popular rider with larger contractors. This riding trowel is powerful and responsive due to it's weight to horsepower ratio. The five bladed rotor is driven by a Super Heavy-Duty Gearbox, allowing the power to be delivered where it is needed. Standard features include an electric-powered spray system and built-in cup holder. For easier maintenance, our MSP Series Riders feature a removable front panel for easy access.

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  7. Allen Roller Tube Finisher

    Allen Roller Tube Finisher - Rental


    $250 Daily $750 Weekly l $2,250 Monthly

    Strikes off concrete fast and accurately. Perfect quick strike finisher for paving - especially for pervious concrete applications. Comes with choice of tube size - 6', 8', 14', 16', 18' and 26'.

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  8. Arbortech AS160 Brick/Mortar Saw

    Arbortech Brick/Mortar Saw - Rental


    $90 Daily $270 Weekly l $810 Monthly

    The AS170 Brick + Mortar Saw represents a revolution in cutting technology. Using a unique patented orbital cutting motion with two forward facing blades that combine to perform both a hammering and cutting action, the AS170 Brick + Mortar Saw allows for clear visibility and empowers the professional with the ability cut square, cut deep, cut dry and cut safe with no dust.

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  9. Wyco ErgoPack WB950 Backpack Vibrator - Rental

    Backpack Vibrator - Rental


    $65 Daily $195 Weekly l $585 Monthly

    The Wyco backpack design provides for easy mobility around the jobsite and can allow one user to easily vibrate low to high slump concrete with up to a 2” head with ease. Featuring a diaphragm carburetor, users can have the backpack in virtually any position and the unit will remain running while a low oil shutoff prevents engine burn-up.

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  10. Bartell 1570 Plate Compactor

    Bartell 1570 Plate Compactor - Rental


    $75 Daily $225 Weekly l $675 Monthly

    • Hydraulic reversing mechanism with flexible maneuverability allows the machine for forward, backward, and spot-on compaction
    • Cast aluminum throttle lever for a more professional, stronger, and durable for tamping
    • New closed style frame for increased engine and guide hook protection
    • Cast aluminum belt cover for increased clutch and engine longevity
    • Ductile iron bases for increased strength and durability
    • Optional extension plates and urethane mat options available
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Items 1 to 10 of 113 total