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  1. Hand Grinders - Max Blade Diameter: Remove This Item 5"

Equip & Power Tools

Phipps offers a selection of concrete construction power tools and high performance equipment for various types of concrete jobs and projects.

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  1. Metabo 5" Dustless Grinder  RS14-125

    Metabo 5" Dustless Grinder RS14-125


    The RS14-125 concrete grinder features a 12.2 Amp motor and a variable speed motor range of 2000-7000 RPM. This hand-held grinder is designed for leveling uneven concrete, removing parting lines or removal of old coatings. The RS14 incorporates an all new aluminum die-cast shroud that uses a patented airflow system to optimize dust extraction and features a spring hinge-mounted front flap for finishing flush to a wall.

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  2. Dewalt D28114N Angle Grinder

    Dewalt 5" Angle Grinder - D28114N

    • Dust Ejection System provides durability by ejecting damaging dust and debris particles that enter the tool through the air intake vents
    • Quick-Change Wheel Release allows tool free wheel removal
    • Dual Abrasion Protection provides increased motor protection from damaging dust and debris ingestion
    • One-piece brush arm prevents brush hang-up due to dust ingestion
    • E-Clutch shuts the grinder off when a wheel pinch or wheel stall occurs, extending the life of the gears and motor
    • Power-Off Advanced Overload Protection shuts the tool off before it reaches overload or burn-up
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  3. Metabo 5" Handheld Scarifier RF14-115

    Metabo 5" Handheld Scarifier RF14-115


    Use the Metabo RF14-115 hand-held scarifier for effective removal of plaster, adhesive residues, soft screed and old paint from walls, ceilings and floors. This scarifier also features a three-level reduced high-performance gear for maximum torque and high output.

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  4. Metabo 5" Concrete Surface Prep Kit

    Metabo 5" Concrete Surface Prep Kit WE25-125


    The Metabo 5" Angle Grinder Surface Prep Kit features Metabo's WE25-125 angle grinder and a dust control shroud which protects users from harmful debris commonly generated in surface grinding applications.

    Kit Includes: Metabo WE25-125 grinder, 5" Shroud (part #655153000)

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  5. Dewalt 5" Surface Grinding Shroud - DWE46152

    Dewalt 5" Surface Grinding Shroud - DWE46152

    • Aids in dust collection and containment, a Perform & Protect Dust Feature
    • Provides a dust collection solution for flush edge grinding
    • Universal Connector locks onto tool with a twist and click eliminating the need for duct tape to hold the hose onto the shroud
    • Delivers a dust shroud that will last in abusive jobsite enviornments
    • Replacable Brush Skirting to maintain a high level of dust collection
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5 Item(s)