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Flat Saws

Flat Saws

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  1. Husqvarna FS400 Floor Saw

    Husqvarna FS400 18" Floor Saw


    Robust, convenient all-round floor saw. The adjustable handle ensures low vibrations and an ergonomic working position. Also, perfect weight distribution means excellent stability while sawing.

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  2. Husqvarna FS413 Floor Saw

    Husqvarna FS413 Floor Saw


    Ideal for contractors that need a small saw for service and repair jobs such as sidewalks, city streets and driveways.

    Handles medium to small service work and repair jobs in concrete or asphalt.

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  3. Husqvarna FS309 Floor Saw

    Husqvarna Walk Behind Saw FS309

    Perfect saw to transport and lift due to its small size and light weight. The small size makes it the perfect choice for small projects where cutting depth is less than 5". Ideal for cutting in difficult to access job sites, it can be utilized for very small road repair jobs Learn More
  4. Husqvarna FS524 Floor Saw

    Husqvarna FS524 Walk Behind Floor Saw


    A small self-propelled saw perfect for cutting sidewalks, driveways, and other small repair or service work. This 24in. FS 524 walk-behind concrete saw features a patented IntelliSeal bladeshaft system that provides 250 maintenance-free hours and eliminates the need to grease bearings on a daily basis. Engine and bladeshaft mount system reduce vibration for better cutting. Spring-assist screw feed adjustment makes raising and lowering of the blade easy. Lift bail is standard for easy loading and unloading. 

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  5. Spider Concrete Walk Behind Saw

    Spider Concrete Walk Behind Saw

    • Uses 7" or 9" diamond blade with 5/8" arbor
    • Up to 2-1/2" deep cut with a 9" blade
    • Lightweight and portable using the built-in lifting handle - 85 lbs
    • 6.5HP Honda Engine
    • Non-marking wheels with grease fittings
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  6. Huqvarna FS3500 G 30" Walk Behind Saw

    Husqvarna Walk Behind Saw FS3500 G 30"

    • Cutting depth capacity up to 12-3/8" with a 30" diamond blade.
    • The FS 3500 G is a self-propelled floor saw ideal for small to medium patch and service jobs.
    • Equipped with a 37 hp Kohler gasoline engine.
    • It is lightweight, low profiled, easy to maneuver and service.
    • Great solution for jobsite dust control. Eliminates dust when cutting concrete.

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  7. Husqvarna Vanguard II Diamond Blade

    Husqvarna Vanguard II Diamond Blade - Blue

    Price From: $325.33

    Sizes Available: 18", 24"

    Let the power of diamonds do the work for you with the Husqvarna Vanguard II Blue .125 X 1". A diamond blade that cuts soft to medium aggregates with light steel reinforcing.

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  8. Husqvarna High Pro Cured Concrete Blade

    Husqvarna High Pro Cured Concrete Blade - 26"


    High Pro cured blade is an excellent blade for cutting a broad variety of cured concrete aggregates with or without steel

    26" x .187 x 1 DP

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  9. Husqvarna F710C Diamond Blade - 30"

    Husqvarna F710C Diamond Blade - 30"


    The F710C Professional series blade is used to cut flint aggregate, river gravel, and hard aggregate concrete with heavy steel reinforcement.

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9 Item(s)