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Equip & Power Tools

Phipps offers a selection of concrete construction power tools and high performance equipment for various types of concrete jobs and projects.

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  1. National 6280 Self Propelled Scraper

    National 6280 Self Propelled Scraper - Rental


    $230 Daily $690 Weekly l $2,070 Monthly

    This self-propelled stripper will remove the worst of today’s glued-down floors, gummy commercial carpet, VCT, solid vinyl, radial rubber tile, sheet rubber, indoor and outdoor sport surfaces, roofing material, etc.

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  2. Metabo 18V Drill/Driver BS18 LT

    Metabo 18V Drill/Driver BS18 LT

    • Extremely powerful thanks to powerful Metabo 4-pole motor for quick drilling and screwdriving
    • Spindle with hexagonal recess for screwdriver bits for working without chuck
    • Integrated working light to illuminate the work site
    • With 5.2 Ah battery pack for extremely long operating time
    • Battery packs with capacity display for checking the charge status
    • Ultra-M technology for highest performance, gentle charging, optimum energy utilisation and long service life.
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  3. Metabo 18V 1/2" Impact Wrench SSW18LT

    Metabo 18V 1/2" Impact Wrench SSW18LT

    • Compact cordless impact driver for tough applications
    • High torque machine with low kick-back torque
    • Three speed/torque levels for varied ranges of applications
    • Integrated work light for illumination of the work area
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  4. Husqvarna K 760 Saw - Power Cutter

    Husqvarna K760 Saw

    All-purpose power cutter with an ergonomic design and safety features. Can be used for a variety of cutting applications including curbstones and pavers, concrete, roadwork applications. When used with the KV 760 Trolley, can be utilized for small flat work jobs. Learn More
  5. Husqvarna KV 760 Trolley - Cart

    Husqvarna KV 760 Trolley


    Husqvarna KV 760 developed specifically for the Husqvarna K760/K750. The quick connections make it easy to install the cutter on the trolley, and the cutting depth is easy to adjust. With a cutting trolley it’s easy to cut in straight or curved lines, and close to walls and curbstones. The design is compact and they’re easy to fold up and transport.

    Comes complete with 4-gallon water tank.

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  6. National 8000 Propane Riding Scraper - Rental

    National 8000 Propane Riding Scraper - Rental


    $785 Daily $2,355 Weekly l $7,065 Monthly

    This 2,842-pound scraper rivals other manufacturers̓ heavier machines. Different from scrapers that are powered using a hydrostat drive system, the 8000 offers the speed and power of propane while also combining the patented carbide angle-shank technology with the added efficiency of dual-lift hydraulic slide plates.

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  7. National Flooring Equipment 5625 Propane Riding Scraper - Rental

    National 5625 Propane Riding Scraper - Concrete Rental Equipment


    Concrete Rental Equipment Rates: $685 Daily $2,055 Weekly l $6,165 Monthly

    The 5625 boasts a 25 hp water cooled Kawasaki engine with the lowest emissions output in the industry • Its unique design allows the 5625 to plow through material without hesitation.

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  8. National Flooring Equipment 5700 Battery Powered  Riding Scraper - Rental

    National 5700 Battery Powered Riding Scraper - Rental


    $685 Daily $2,055 Weekly l $6,165 Monthly

    Considering the extensive hours operators occupy the driver seat, National’s Ride-On Machines are engineered with comfort and longevity in mind! Appropriately named the All Day Battery Ride-On removal and floor preparation machine - this machine has the ability to operate through an average eight hour day without requiring a battery recharge, or electrical cord assistance.

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  9. National Flooring Equipment High Speed Propane Burnisher - #14420

    National High Speed Propane Burnisher - #14420


    The 14420 is a propane powered, ultra-high speed burnisher which gives floor care professionals the options they want to customize a machine to their needs.

    • Width - 29"

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  10. National Flooring Equipment 8" Shot Blaster - #3395

    National 8" Shot Blaster Surface Prep Equipment - #3395


    This shot blast machine strips, cleans and profiles in a single time-saving step. Compact and affordable, it offers mobility and versatility for small to mid-size applications or the perfect companion when used in conjunction with larger units. 

    • Blasting Width - 8", 1.5HP, Current - Recommend using a 20 amp circuit breaker

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Items 11 to 20 of 224 total