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  1. Concrete Repair - Application Thickness: Remove This Item 2"

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  1. Sika SikaRepair SHB 50 lb bag

    SikaRepair SHB 50 lb bag


    Non-Sag, High Build Mortar that may be Hand or Wet-Sprayed

    SikaRepair SHB is a one-component, cementitious ready to use repair mortar. It is a multi-purpose mortar which can be applied by trowel or low pressure wet spray process. The incorporation of low density aggregates allows high build applications on vertical and overhead surfaces. SikaLatex R or SikaLatex may be used instead of water for a two component, polymer-modified repair mortar.

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  2. Euclid Chemical Eucocrete

    Euclid Chemical Eucocrete


    High-Performance Concrete with Corrosion Inhibitor

    Eucocrete is a versatile, single-component, microsilica-modified repair mortar that contains an integral corrosion inhibitor for concrete repair projects of all types. Requiring only the addition of water, Eucocrete is a high strength material with an extended working time for ease of placement. It is similar in appearance to concrete and is suitable for use as a topping or repair mortar concrete structures from 1” to full depth.

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  3. Lyons Manufacturing Patchcrete Unit

    Lyons Manufacturing Patchcrete Unit


    Concrete Repair, Topping, and Underlayment

    A 2-component, polymer modified concrete repair material for horizontal, vertical, and overhead surfaces.

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  4. Ardex ERM Exterior Ramp Mortar 55lb Bag

    Ardex ERM Exterior Ramp Mortar 55lb Bag


    Trowel-Grade Horizontal Concrete Repair Mortar

    Exterior Ramp Mortar is a trowel-grade, polymer-modified, Portland cement-based structural repair mortar. It is used at depths ranging from 1/4” to 2” neat, and can be extended up to 8” for deeper and full depth repairs of deteriorated exterior and interior concrete above, on or below grade. Ardex ERM has a corrosion inhibitor built-in to protect reinforcing steel, is easy to apply and readily bonds to concrete.

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  5. masteremacon425small

    BASF MasterEmaco N 425 43 lb bag


    Non-Sag Concrete Repair Mortar with Integral Corrosion Inhibitor for Vertical and Overhead

    MasterEmaco N 425 is a trowel-grade, lightweight, polymer-modified, silica fume-enhanced repair mortar with an integral corrosion inhibitor, designed for vertical and overhead concrete repair applications.

    (Formerly Gel Patch)

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  6. BASF Master Builders MasterEmaco T 545HT 50 lb bag

    BASF MasterEmaco T 545HT 50 lb bag


    Very Rapid-Setting Chemical Action Mortar - Hot-Weather Version

    A 1-component concrete repair and anchoring material. Hot Weather for use in temperatures ranging from 85-100°F. Can be used below 32°F, no curing required. Phipps recommends using Hot Weather with pea gravel for deeper pours to reduce heat gain. 

    (Formerly Set 45 HW)

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  7. Sika SikaTop 122 Plus

    Sika SikaTop 122 Plus 0.5 cubic foot unit


    Two-Component, Horizontal and Overhead, Non-Sag Mortar with Corrosion Inhibitor

    SikaTop 122 PLUS is a two-component, polymer-modified, portland cement based, fast-setting, trowel-grade mortar. It is a high performance repair mortar for horizontal and vertical surfaces and offers the additional benefit of Sika FerroGard 901, a penetrating corrosion inhibitor

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  8. Sika SikaQuick 2500 50 lb bag

    SikaQuick 2500 50 lb bag


    Very Rapid Hardening Repair Mortar

    SikaQuick 2500 is a 1-component, very rapid hardening, early strength gaining, cementitious, patching material for concrete.

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  9. masteremacos440mcsmall

    BASF MasterEmaco S 440 MC 55 lb bag


    Flowable Micro Concrete

    A one-component, shrinkage compensated micro concrete. Designed for large-volume structural repairs from 3/4” to full depth. Advantages: Self-bonding to SSD concrete substrates.

    (Formerly LA Repair Mortar)

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  10. Euclid Chemical Eucoshot 50 lb bag

    Euclid Chemical Eucoshot 50 lb bag


    Silica Fume Modified Shotcrete Mix

    A microsilica modified, one component, shotcrete. Designed for use on vertical and overhead surfaces by dry-mix shotcrete (gunite) application. Specially formulated for interior and exterior repairs to concrete and masonry structures. 

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Items 1 to 10 of 36 total