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Division 03 Concrete


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  1. ChemMasters Polyseal WB 5 gallon

    Polyseal WB 5 Gallon High Solids VOC Compliant Concrete Sealant


    A high solids, VOC compliant, concrete curing and sealing compound. Resists discoloration from UV exposure. Clear and 12 standard colors, custom color matching available, one tint unit per 5 gallon pail. Not for surfaces to receive concrete overlays or toppings.

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  2. ChemMasters Safe-Cure Clear DR 55 gallon

    Safe-Cure Clear DR 55 gallon

    A VOC compliant, rapid decomposing resin curing compound. Sprays on white, dries to a light amber color. Easy to remove for subsequent floor treatments or coverings. Sprays on white, dries to an amber color to identify when membrane has dissipated, do not use on surfaces receiving an overlay/ topping. Learn More
  3. ChemMasters Silencure-A 5 gallon

    Chemmasters Silencure-A 5 gallon


    ChemMasters’ Silencure-A is a patented pure acrylic copolymer curing and sealing compound for new concrete installations. When applied to fresh concrete Silencure-A produces a non yellowing clear continuous film that effectively cures fresh concrete and provides a tough protective acrylic film. Silencure-A’s unique technology forms an effective curing and sealing film with a proprietary blend of siloxanes that penetrate capillary pores of fresh concrete forming a silicone matrix within the concrete preventing water and salt penetration.

    * Hazardous Item, Cannot Ship UPS

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  4. ChemMasters Safe-Cure & Seal 309 5 gallon

    Chemmasters Safe-Cure & Seal 309 5 gallon


    Safe-Cure & Seal 309 is a water emulsion, styrene acrylate copolymer curing and sealing compound with U.V. absorbers and stabilizers for maximum yellowing resistance. Safe-Cure & Seal 309 is low-odor and produces a medium gloss film. Safe-Cure & Seal 309 protects concrete surfaces from the intrusion of water borne contaminants and dirt.

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  5. ChemMasters Safe-Cure 1200 (White Pigment) 5 gallon

    Safe-Cure 1200 (White Pigment) 5 gallon


    Safe-Cure 1200 is a water based, white pigmented, wax emulsion concrete curing compound for concrete. When applied to fresh concrete, Safe-Cure 1200 creates a film over the concrete to retain water in the concrete to enable the cement to fully hydrate and thus allowing the concrete to achieve higher ultimate strength while reducing surface shrinkage cracks. The white pigmentation keeps the concrete cool to further ensure the best performance of the concrete's mix design.

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  6. ChemMasters Safe-Slip 5 gallon pail

    Safe-Slip 5 gallon pail

    A water based form release agent suitable for use with all types of forming materials. Coverage Rate: 900 - 2,000 sf/gal depending on the form type. Learn More
  7. ChemMasters Polyseal EZ 1 gallon

    ChemMasters Polyseal EZ 1 Gallon Concrete Sealant


    Polyseal EZ is a specialized concrete curing and sealing compound formulated to have unique bubble resistant qualities. This state-of-the-art proprietary formulation resists bubble formation, stringing, cobwebbing and fast solvent evaporation commonly associated with low-VOC sealers exposed to high temperatures, air movement and sunlight during applicaton.

    * Hazardous Item, Cannot Ship UPS

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  8. ChemMasters Safe-Cure 1200 Clear 5 gallon

    Safe-Cure 1200 Clear 5 gallon


    Safe-Cure 1200 Clear is a clear, water based, wax emulsion concrete curing compound. When applied to fresh concrete, Safe-Cure 1200 Clear creates a film, to retain water in the concrete, enabling the cement to fully hydrate, achieve higher ultimate strength, and reduce surface shrinkage cracks.

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  9. ChemMasters Durashield SRT 5 gallon

    ChemMasters Durashield SRT 5 Gallon Concrete Sealant with Superior Chemical & Abrasion Resistance


    High performance, Catalyzed, High Gloss Sealer for Interior Concrete

    A high performance sealer with superior chemical and abrasion resistance. This 2-component, high solids, catalyzed sealer is a light straw color in the pail but dries crystal clear and will not yellow on concrete. Contains no solvent, a functionalized alkoxy silane is added before application to crosslink the resin for maximum performance. Incorporates the gloss and application characteristics of a solvent-based sealer, the low VOCs and easy clean-up of a water-based product and the chemical & abrasion resistance of an epoxy.

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  10. ChemMasters Duraguard 401 HMWM 5 gallon unit

    Duraguard 401 HMWM 5 gallon unit

    A 3-component, low viscosity, solvent free, high molecular weight methacrylate penetrating sealer and crack healer. May be used as a gravity feed resin or as a specialized crack injection product. Technical Data: Coverage: 100-150 ft2/gal. Pot Life: 40-50 minutes. Viscosity: 5-20 cps. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 20 total