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Concrete Repair Materials

Concrete repair products for general purpose concrete repair, Structural concrete, Industrial & manufacturing facilities. These products are specified for a wide range of horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.

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  1. Sika Sikadur 21 Lo-Mod LV 4 gallon unit

    Sika Sikadur 21 Lo-Mod LV 4 gallon unit


    Low-Modulus, Low-Viscosity, Epoxy Resin Binder

    Use as a binder for epoxy mortar and concrete for patching of elevated parking decks and overlays. Low viscosity, high-yield, USDA approved. Tolerant to moisture both before & after cure.

    Read how Sika Sikadur 55 SLV was usd to repair a structurally inadequate second level high school concrete floor to receive a finished floor covering.

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1 Item(s)