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  1. Manufacturer: Remove This Item Euclid Chemical

Concrete Repair Materials

Concrete repair products for general purpose concrete repair, Structural concrete, Industrial & manufacturing facilities. These products are specified for a wide range of horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.

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  1. Euclid Versaspeed LS 100 50Lb Bag

    Euclid Versaspeed LS 100 50Lb Bag


    Rapid-Hardening Horizontal Repair Mortar with Extended Working Time

    Versaspeed LS100 is a versatile, single-component, rapid-hardening repair mortar for projects that require traffic or a non-breathable coating within hours. Repaired areas may be open to standard tire traffic 3 hours following the final set and an epoxy coating can be applied after 5 hours.

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  2. Euclid Chemical Eucocrete

    Euclid Chemical Eucocrete


    High-Performance Concrete with Corrosion Inhibitor

    Eucocrete is a versatile, single-component, microsilica-modified repair mortar that contains an integral corrosion inhibitor for concrete repair projects of all types. Requiring only the addition of water, Eucocrete is a high strength material with an extended working time for ease of placement. It is similar in appearance to concrete and is suitable for use as a topping or repair mortar concrete structures from 1” to full depth.

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  3. Euco 456S Mortar 0.35 cubic foot unit

    Euco 456S Mortar 0.35 cubic foot unit


    Iron Aggregate Epoxy Mortar

    Iron aggregate epoxy mortar system for use where exceptional strength and toughness are needed. Provides excellent adhesion and maximum abrasion and impact resistance on floors with extra heavy duty traffic.

    * Hazardous Item, Cannot Ship UPS

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  4. Euclid Chemical Verticoat

    Euclid Chemical Verticoat 54 lb bag and 1 gallon liquid


    Two-Component, Trowel Grade Vertical/Overhead Concrete Repair Mortar

    A 2-component, trowel applied, polymer modified cementitious mortar for vertical and overhead concrete and masonry repairs.

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  5. duralprepackitsmall

    Euclid Chemical Duralprep AC 2 gallon unit

    3-component, pre-proportioned, water based epoxy modified portland cement bonding agent and anti-corrosion coating. Advantages: Long open time, up to 24 hours. Limitations: Substrate and ambient temp. must be between 45-90°F. Technical Data: Coverage Rate: 60-80 ft2/gal. Pot Life: 30-45 min. Open time concrete placement: up to 24hr 75°F Learn More
  6. Euclid Chemical Versaspeed

    Euclid Chemical Versaspeed 50lb Bag


    Rapid-Setting Horizontal Repair Mortar

    One part, patching and repair compound for horizontal, and vertical/overhead form and pour applications. Low shrinkage, high early strength material. 

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  7. Tammsweld 5 gallon

    Tammsweld 5 gallon

    A rewettable liquid bonding agent and polymer modifier for concrete and cement mortars, high film build, copolymer or polyvinyl acetate emulsion. Learn More
  8. EucoRepair V100

    EucoRepair V100 46 lb bag


    Quick-Setting, Low Shrinkage, Vertical/Overhead Repair Mortar

    EucoRepair V100 is a single-component, quick-setting, low shrinkage repair mortar formulated with unique polymers and fiber reinforcement for trowel applied vertical and overhead repairs requiring high performance.

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  9. Euco Re-Cover 40 lb bag

    Euco Re-Cover 40 lb bag


    Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Resurfacer

    A polymer modified, fiber reinforced concrete resurfacing mortar. Adding only water, it provides a fresh, aesthetically pleasing appearance to new concrete that has been marred by rain or plastic covering, old or spalled concrete and salt damaged concrete.

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  10. Dural 452 LV 3 gallon unit

    Dural 452 LV 3 gallon unit


    Low Viscosity, High Modulus Epoxy Adhesive

    Dural 452 LV is a two-component, 100% solids, moisture insensitive, high strength epoxy adhesive and binder for numerous applications. This high modulus, low viscosity epoxy resin is the perfect solution for general bonding applications and for injecting cracks in concrete and a variety of other substrates.

    * Hazardous Item, Cannot Ship UPS

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Items 1 to 10 of 19 total