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Concrete Repair Materials

Concrete repair products for general purpose concrete repair, Structural concrete, Industrial & manufacturing facilities. These products are specified for a wide range of horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.

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  1. Lyons Manufacturing P-100 Primer 1 gallon

    Lyons Manufacturing P-100 Primer 1 gallon


    A quick drying primer and surface bonder, 200 ft2/gal.

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  2. Lyons Power-Crete 50 lb bag

    Lyons Manufacturing Power-Crete 50 lb bag


    Rapid-Setting Structural Repair Material

    Power Crete is a one-component structural concrete repair material suitable for a wide range of applications. 

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  3. Lyons Manufacturing Patchcrete Unit

    Lyons Manufacturing Patchcrete Unit


    Concrete Repair, Topping, and Underlayment

    A 2-component, polymer modified concrete repair material for horizontal, vertical, and overhead surfaces.

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3 Item(s)