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Division 03 Concrete


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  1. Nomaflex Expansion Joint Foam

    Nomaflex Expansion Joint Foam - 1/2"

    Price From: $14.20

    Sold and Priced by the Bundle, 10 - 5' pieces/bundle

    Nomaflex is a closed cell extruded polypropylene foam used in concrete construction for applications such as expansion joints or forms. It is easy to handle, has no odor or sticky residue, and can be installed using traditional installation methods.

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  2. Fiber Expansion Joint 1/2" thick x 5' long piece

    WR Meadows Fiber Expansion Joint 1/2" thick x 5' long piece

    Price From: $1.24
    Sheet prices include cutting to order, ODOT approved, conforms to or meets specification ASTM D 1751, AASHTO M 213, FAA Spec P-610-2.7, Corps Eng CRD-C-508, call for quantity pricing. Learn More
  3. Lithochrome Antiquing Release 25 lb pail

    Lithochrome Antique Release 25 lb pail

    Price From: $68.23

    Intended for use when imprinting freshly placed colored-concrete hardscapes or interior floors and an antiqued appearance is desired. It promotes easy release of stamping and texturing tools and improves results by preventing transfer of the wet paste when the tools are removed from imprinted surfaces.

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  4. deckofoamsmall

    WR Meadows Deck-O-Foam 1/4" thick x 100' roll

    Price From: $9.90
    A flexible, lightweight, non-staining, polyethylene, closed-cell expansion joint filler. It is a chemical-resistant, UV stable, non-absorbent, low-density, economical, compressible foam that offers an extended service life in both interior and exterior applications. Pre-scored strip is easily removed, it eliminates costly sawing and routing and is flexible Learn More
  5. Grip-Rite 8D Common Nails

    Grip-Rite 8D Common Nails

    Price From: $11.86

    For construction, carpentry, and framing, galvanized coating and larger shank provide greater strength. Conforms to ASTM F1667.

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  6. Grip-Rite Fluted Masonry Nails - 1"

    Grip-Rite Fluted Masonry Nails - 1"

    Price From: $4.04

    For attaching furring strips and floor plates to uncured concrete. Made to conform to ASTM F1667.

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  7. Dee Nail Stakes 201

    Dee Nail Stakes 201 - 7/8"

    Price From: $6.27

    Nail stakes are primarily used to secure wood or metal forms to the ground in all flatwork applications. Additionally, they are commonly used for attaching screed bar holder clamps in flatwork finishing, securing landscape timbers, surveying stakes, string line guides, securing metal forms with pockets, and securing wood forming for flatwork.

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  8. Powers Fasteners Hex-Nut Lok-Bolt AS

    Powers Fasteners Hex-Nut Lok-Bolt AS

    Price From: $21.81

    The Lok-Bolt AS is an all steel pre-assembled single unit sleeve anchor which is designed for use in conrete or masonry base materials. 

    Applications include:

    • Door and window frame installations
    • Masonry applications
    • Electrical/Mechanical applications
    • Mounting fixtures on walls
    • General purpose anchoring
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  9. Sonoco Round Concrete Column Tube

    Sonoco Rainguard Sonotube - 12 foot length

    Price From: $34.57

    Each tube has a heavy coating of Parvan wax on the outer surface for protection against moisture and adverse weather conditions. Designed to hold the hydrostatic pressure of concrete in a single pour.

    Sonoco Rainguard technology protects forms for 48 hours of wet weather

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  10. Tapper Drill Bits - Straight Shank

    Tapper Drill Bits - Straight Shank

    Price From: $2.54

    TAPPER Drill Bits in the diameters listed are nominal size. 3/16" and 1/4" Perma-Seal TAPPER anchors must be installed with special tolerance TAPPER drill bits. 1/4" Stainless Steel TAPPER anchors require the use of specific tolerance TAPPER drill bits, which are gold or silver colored, to denote the standard size and special application size for harder materials. 3/8" diameter TAPPER anchors should be installed with a 1/4" ANSI drill bit.

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Items 1 to 10 of 404 total