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Vacuum Cups

Vacuum Cups

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  1. woodspowrgroupn4000vacuumcupsmall

    Woods Powr-Grip 8 inch Flat Vacuum Cup With ABS Handle Model N4000


    Features and eigth-inch, flat vacuum pad and a lightweight ABS pump and handle. Also available with textured surface pad (N4000TS) for attaching irregular surfaces.

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  2. woodspowrgroupn4950vacuumcupsmall

    Woods Powr-Grip 8 inch Flat Vacuum Cup With Metal Handle Model N4950

    Vacuum cups employ the force of atmospheric pressure to grip a surface. A finger-operated vacuum pump removes the air from between the attaching surface and the rubber pad. Atmospheric pressure then holds the cup in place with incredible force. Vacuum cups can be used for a variety of different applications. Use them for carrying glass, appliances, countertops, wood stoves, vending machines... nearly any material with smooth, nonporous surfaces. Easy to use, lightweight, non-slip grip, built-in vacuum indicator, quick to attach and release, won’t damage most surfaces. Learn More
  3. woodspowrgrouplj6vhvacuumcupsmall

    Woods Powr-Grip 6 inch Concave Vacuum Cup With Vertical Handle Model LJ6VH - Re-Built

    The vertical hand cup provides comfortable hand placement when ordinary handles cannot. A large volume pump permits quick attachment on both curved and flat surfaces. Non-slip, solid attachment makes the cup well-suited for auto body dent pulling, sheet metal positioning, and windshield replacement. Supplied with pad protector, contact us for pricing on re-built models. Learn More

3 Item(s)