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Finishing Tools


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  1. Marshalltown Blue Steel Pool Trowels

    Marshalltown Blue Steel Pool Trowels

    Price From: $38.93
    • Highest grade hardened and tempered and blued spring steel blade, properly shaped
    • Short aluminum alloy Xtralite mounting is lightweight but very strong
    • Blade is flexible enough to bend to almost any radius
    • Resilient DuraSoft handle provides a soft feel, reduces fatigue, and offers excellent durability
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  2. Kraft Pool Trowel

    Kraft Pool Trowels

    Price From: $23.30

    Carbon Steel

    • Short Shanks, forged aluminum
    • Flexibile Blade
    • 2 handle styles
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  3. Concrete Finishing Broom (Aluminum) - 48"

    Kraft Concrete Finishing Broom (Aluminum) - 48"

    Brush down new concrete after floating with these lightweight aluminum brooms. All bristles are epoxy set for a long wear and durability. Use with threaded or snap handle adapters Size - 48" Bristle Material - Medium/General Purpose (Black Poly) Part # CC178 Learn More
  4. krafttoolchamfertubebronzeedgersmall

    Kraft Bronze Chamfer Tube Edger

    • Belt polished surface for cutting clean, smooth edges
    • Used for creating chamfered edges on round support piers
    • Made of long wearing one-piece bronze with 1" lip and 1/2" radius and turned up ends
    • Slope on the pier edge can be varied depending upon wetness of the concrete and the angle and pressure of the Chamfer Tube Edger
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  5. krafttooledgerwithadjustablegrooversmall

    Kraft Hand Edger w/Adjustable Groover

    Price From: $35.77
    12" x 5" Stainless Steel Adjustable Bronze Groover is adjustable and locks in place. Accepts one or more fresno groover bits for making parallel grooves. Fitted with a wood handle. Learn More
  6. krafttoolwalkingedgersmall

    Kraft All-Angle Walking Edgers

    Price From: $22.60

    Made of heavy gauge stainless steel, this tool is reinforced with an electrically welded back plate to which the all-angle attachment is fastened. No rivets, completely smooth face. Comes with a 5' wood handle (CC386)

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  7. Kraft Golden Stainless Steel Finishing Trowel

    Kraft Golden Stainless Steel Finishing Trowels

    • Heat Treated golden stainless steel
    • Special alloy will not rust, pit, or stain
    • Forged aluminum shank
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  8. Kraft Elite Series Finishing Trowels - Carbon Steel w/Wood Handle

    Kraft Elite Series Finishing Trowels - Carbon Steel

    Price From: $30.68

    Broken-In Blade Ready for use!

    The Elite Series Five Star Trowel is designed and engineered for the professional finisher. These professional trowels are manufactured with state of the art machinery that precisely finish grinds. This process allows for a true "broken-in" feel ready for immediate use.

    3 Handle Styles

    • Soft Grip ProForm - Reduces muscle fatigue after a long day on the job
    • Leather - Wicks away sweat from hand for a comfortable grip. The only leather handle finishing trowel on the market!
    • Wood - Comes in a variety of vibrant patterns
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  9. Kraft Finishing Trowels w/Straight Wood handle - Carbon Steel

    Kraft Finishing Trowels - Carbon Steel

    Price From: $24.84

    3 Handle styles to choose from!

    • Guaranteed no-turn handle design locks handle to mounting
    • Each blade is cross ground to just the right dimension for that perfect feel
    • Features a high-strength, lightweight aluminum mounting
    • Compression fit stainless steel rivets
    • Oversized toe rivet for extra strength
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  10. Kraft Gutter Tools

    Kraft Gutter Tools

    Price From: $17.27
    • Stainless Steel
    • Wood Handle

    All Gutter Tools are 6" Wide x 4-1/2" Width

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Items 1 to 10 of 62 total