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Edgers & Groovers

Edgers & Groovers

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  1. Kraft Sidewalk & Highway Edgers w/wood handle

    Kraft Sidewalk & Highway Edgers

    Price From: $8.99
    • Stainless Steel Edgers
    • Available in 3 handle styles
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  2. Kraft Bronze Groovers w/Wood handle

    Kraft Bronze Groovers

    Price From: $28.19
    • Kraft 100% Bronze Groovers
    • Cuts smooth clean grooves
    • Unique longest wearing one-piece casting
    • Hand polished for the professional concrete finisher
    • Made in the U.S.A.
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  3. krafttooledgergrooversmall

    Kraft Hand Edger/Groover

    Price From: $25.62

    Stainless Steel

    • Handy tool for most common commercial jobs
    • Forms top of curb and cuts grooves all in one pass

    All Edger/Groovers are 6" Wide & 1/4" Groove

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  4. Kraft Hand Seamer/Groover w/Proform handle - CF021PF

    Kraft Hand Seamer/Groover - CF021PF


    Stainless Steel

    • Seamer makes smooth control joints. No rivet design and hand polished stainless steel for an extra smooth working surface. Closed end bit eliminates build-up in tool


    Size - 8" x 8"   Depth - 7/8"   Radius - 3/4"

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  5. krafttoolwalkingedgersmall

    Kraft All-Angle Walking Edgers

    Price From: $22.60

    Made of heavy gauge stainless steel, this tool is reinforced with an electrically welded back plate to which the all-angle attachment is fastened. No rivets, completely smooth face. Comes with a 5' wood handle (CC386)

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  6. krafttooledgerwithadjustablegrooversmall

    Kraft Hand Edger w/Adjustable Groover

    Price From: $35.77
    12" x 5" Stainless Steel Adjustable Bronze Groover is adjustable and locks in place. Accepts one or more fresno groover bits for making parallel grooves. Fitted with a wood handle. Learn More
  7. krafttoolchamfertubebronzeedgersmall

    Kraft Bronze Chamfer Tube Edger

    • Belt polished surface for cutting clean, smooth edges
    • Used for creating chamfered edges on round support piers
    • Made of long wearing one-piece bronze with 1" lip and 1/2" radius and turned up ends
    • Slope on the pier edge can be varied depending upon wetness of the concrete and the angle and pressure of the Chamfer Tube Edger
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7 Item(s)