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  1. Sausage Gun Nozzle

    Deslauriers Sausage Cone Nozzle

    • Sausage Gun Replace Nozzle
    • Easily cut to size with utility knife for any application
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  2. Econ-O-Guard Rebar Caps

    EG-10 Econ-O-Guard Rebar Caps (200/box)


    For 3/8in to 1in rebar, designed and intended as a visual warning of a possible protruding hazard. Not intended for use as fall or penetration protection, see impalement caps.

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  3. Impalement Protection DISC-10 Safety Caps

    Impalement Protection DISC-10 Safety Caps (25/box)


    Designed for 3/8" to 1" rebar, complies with Federal OSHA 701 (b), made of engineered high-impact plastic, 4" x 4" top surface area aids in protection, fits Rebar sizes #3 to #7, inspection hole to insure metal insert in place.

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  4. Protective Cover Adapter (PCA) pack

    Protective Cover Adapter (PCA) pack (25/pack)

    This system converts Disc 10 or HH-M protective covers into CAL-OSHA approved protective rebar troughs. Designed to snap on to Disc-10 or HH-M protective covers and create a saddle into which double 2x4’s are secured to create a system to protect a row of in-line rebar. Learn More

4 Item(s)