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  1. Wet Polishing Pads - 4"

    Diteq Wet Polishing Pads - 4"

    Price From: $13.12
    Premium 4" wet resin polishing pads for use on a wide range of hard concrete and masonry. They are suitable for polishing both edges and surfaces. Vitrified polishing pads also available. 3mm thickness, maximum RPM 4500, use on wet condition only, velcro backing. Learn More
  2. Hand Polish Pads

    Diteq Hand Polish Pads

    Price From: $22.06
    Foam backed diamond hand pads are designed for manual use both on edges and surfaces. These lightweight and flexible pads are great for final touchups at the jobsite. They perform with superior speed and consistency and are very long lasting. Learn More

2 Item(s)