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  1. Kraft Elite Series Finishing Trowels - Carbon Steel w/Wood Handle

    Kraft Elite Series Finishing Trowels - Carbon Steel

    Price From: $29.78

    Broken-In Blade Ready for use!

    The Elite Series Five Star Trowel is designed and engineered for the professional finisher. These professional trowels are manufactured with state of the art machinery that precisely finish grinds. This process allows for a true "broken-in" feel ready for immediate use.

    3 Handle Styles

    • Soft Grip ProForm - Reduces muscle fatigue after a long day on the job
    • Leather - Wicks away sweat from hand for a comfortable grip. The only leather handle finishing trowel on the market!
    • Wood - Comes in a variety of vibrant patterns
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  2. Kraft Tie Wire Twister GG310

    Kraft Professional Tie Wire Twister GG310

    • Special loop hook designed to twist wire bar ties with mininum effort
    • Lets you do the job right, quickly and safely
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  3. krafttoolwalkingedgersmall

    Kraft All-Angle Walking Edgers

    Price From: $21.94

    Made of heavy gauge stainless steel, this tool is reinforced with an electrically welded back plate to which the all-angle attachment is fastened. No rivets, completely smooth face. Comes with a 5' wood handle (CC386)

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  4. krafttoolbrickjointersmall

    Kraft Brick Jointers

    Price From: $6.09
    Made of high carbon steel! Each end makes a different size concave joint. Overall length 10-1/2" Learn More
  5. Kraft Margin Trowel - Wood handle

    Kraft Margin Trowels

    Price From: $13.84
    • One-piece forged for strength and flexibility
    • Tempered, ground and polished for perfect balance
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  6. Kraft Laminated Canvas Resin Float - Round Ends

    Kraft Laminated Canvas Resin Float - Round Ends

    Wears like magnesium for extremely long life. Laminated canvas-resin is 3/8" thick with broken in face. Learn More
  7. Kraft Mason's Spacing Tape

    Kraft Mason's Spacing Tape


    16' Spacing Tape has space markings, and feet, inches on one edge of blade

    16'x3/4" Spacing

    Part # BL518

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  8. Kraft Plain Stone Mason's Chisel

    Kraft Plain Stone Mason's Chisel

    Price From: $11.88
    Forged from the finest tool steel, well tempered, properly balanced for a comfortable hold. Learn More
  9. krafttooledgergrooversmall

    Kraft Hand Edger/Groover

    Price From: $24.86

    Stainless Steel

    • Handy tool for most common commercial jobs
    • Forms top of curb and cuts grooves all in one pass

    All Edger/Groovers are 6" Wide & 1/4" Groove

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  10. Sands Professional Mahogany I-Beam Levels

    Kraft Sands Professional Mahogany I-Beam Levels

    Price From: $72.72
    • Heavy-duty aluminum I-Beam frame for extra strength
    • Two large hand holes and one hang hole
    • Six solid set Cat's Eye Yellow double bent vials for accuracy with protective glass lenses
    • Shock absorbing rubber end caps
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Items 1 to 10 of 66 total