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Placing Tools


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  1. krafttoolpointingtrowelsmall

    Kraft Pointing Trowel

    Price From: $13.11
    • One-piece forged for strength and flexibility
    • Tempered, ground and polished for perfect balance
    • Available in Wood and ProForm handles
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  2. Kraft Disposable Grout Bags

    Kraft Disposable Grout Bags

    Eliminate clean-up with clear, disposable grout bags. Cut tip to desired opening. Sold individually, 50/Box Part# WL009 Learn More
  3. Kraft Cone-Shaped Grout Bag WL013

    Kraft Cone-Shaped Grout Bag

    Cone-shaped heavy-duty vinyl bag comes complete with 3/8" metal tip Learn More
  4. Kraft Polyethylene Mortar Box - BL375

    Kraft Polyethylene Mortar Box - 7.5 cu ft


    Lightweight, but tough! Not affected by heat or cold, easy to clean and will not rust.

    #BL375 - 56" x 33" x 8"

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  5. krafttoolaluminumhawksmall

    Kraft Aluminum Hawks

    Price From: $21.20

    Heavy-Duty .080" Thickness

    Heavy-duty aluminum hawk. Smooth straight edges with rounded corners. Detachable handle with threaded bolt and sponge rubber protector. Blade is machine scored to control material.

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  6. Kraft Magnesium Hawks

    Kraft Magnesium Hawks

    Price From: $26.53

    30% Lighter than Aluminum

    Corners are rounded for safety, comfort and long service. Has 4" flange reinforcing the center. Comes with a special 1/2" thick rubber sponge hand protector. Blade is machine scored to control material.

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  7. Kraft Mason's Spacing Tape

    Kraft Mason's Spacing Tape


    16' Spacing Tape has space markings, and feet, inches on one edge of blade

    16'x3/4" Spacing

    Part # BL518

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  8. Kraft Engineer Folding Rule

    Kraft Engineer Folding Rule


    Red end folding rule is the finest engineer rule made. Graduations: inside markings in feet, 10ths and 100ths of feet. Foot numbers in red, repeated each inch and 10th of  a foot.

    Part # GG320

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  9. Kraft Spacing Rule

    Kraft Spacing Rule


    Thick hardwood rule lists ten course spacing on one side; has inches, eigths andsixteenths on other side. Joints lubricated for smooth opening and closing.

    Part # BL167

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  10. Kraft Tool 6 Foot Lufkin Wood Modular Rule BL512

    Kraft Modular Rule BL512


    Lists  modular spacings on one side; feet, inches, eigths and sixteenths on the other side. Ruler features six scales. First section is short for butting rule on first 16" module. Legs have square ends.

    Part # BL512

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Items 1 to 10 of 12 total