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  1. Midwest Rake Spiked Shoes

    Midwest Rake Spiked Shoes


    Spike shoes designed for walking on applied materials during the application and finishing processes. 3/4" Spikes

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  2. Midwest Rake 24" Gauge Rake

    Midwest Rake 24" Gauge Rake


    Allows you to achieve a level depth when installing cementitious materials and to move easily over rougher surfaces.

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  3. Midwest Rake Smoother

    Midwest Rake Smoother


    Features a 22" frame with a 23-1/2" x 2" heat-treated steel blade, fan-shaped for next to wall coverage, and a reversible threaded handle adapter assembly allowing for use as a smoother or spreader. Spread material with the blade in a vertical position or flip the tool over and smooth the surface.

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3 Item(s)