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  1. Husqvarna Elite-Grind G1470 Series

    Husqvarna Redi Lock Diamond Polishing Segments G1470 Elite-Grind Series (3-packs) Grinding Segments for Polishing Floors

    Price From: $115.00

    Husqvarna Redi Lock Diamond Polishing Segments are designed for Soft Concrete and Porous ceramic glues. The NEW Elite-Series provide improved production over previous series.

    The G1470 series offers the excellent removal rates and durability, providing maximum profitability and performance with all types of applications. It also covers surface preparation applications in only three steps before using the resin tools in polishing applications.

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  2. Seymour Inverted Marking Paint 20oz

    Seymour Inverted Marking Paint 20oz


    A fast drying marking paint designed to be sprayed in an inverted position. Produces vivid marks, does not clog, and is safe for grass. Meets APWA color standards and is VOC compliant. May be sprayed by hand or with the Z-605 marking gun or Z-606 marking wand.

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  3. Powers SDS-Max Carbide Drill Bits - 4-X Cutter Head

    Powers SDS-Max Carbide Drill Bits - 4-X Cutter Head

    Price From: $44.23

    Designed for use in rotary equipped with a SDS-Max type chuck. The bits are manufactured to conform with ANSI Standard B212.15 and can be used to drill in concrete, block, brick, and soft stone.


    † 1/2" and 9/16" sizes have a single tip and standard helical fluting.

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  4. krafttooledgergrooversmall

    Kraft Hand Edger/Groover

    Price From: $25.62

    Stainless Steel

    • Handy tool for most common commercial jobs
    • Forms top of curb and cuts grooves all in one pass

    All Edger/Groovers are 6" Wide & 1/4" Groove

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  5. Dee Nail Stakes 201

    Dee Nail Stakes 201 - 7/8"

    Price From: $6.27

    Nail stakes are primarily used to secure wood or metal forms to the ground in all flatwork applications. Additionally, they are commonly used for attaching screed bar holder clamps in flatwork finishing, securing landscape timbers, surveying stakes, string line guides, securing metal forms with pockets, and securing wood forming for flatwork.

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  6. krafttoolchamfertubebronzeedgersmall

    Kraft Bronze Chamfer Tube Edger

    • Belt polished surface for cutting clean, smooth edges
    • Used for creating chamfered edges on round support piers
    • Made of long wearing one-piece bronze with 1" lip and 1/2" radius and turned up ends
    • Slope on the pier edge can be varied depending upon wetness of the concrete and the angle and pressure of the Chamfer Tube Edger
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  7. Newborn Sausage Guns

    Newborn Sausage Guns


    Available in: Black, Blue, Camo, Green, Orange, Red

    • 18:1 Thrust Ratio
    • Multi-Chemical Resistant Twin Hytrel Cup
    • Heat treated rod for longer rod life
    • Manufacture Part # 620AL
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  8. Husqvarna LW1 Dri Disc Cup Wheel

    Husqvarna LW1 Dri Disc

    Price From: $64.66
    LW1 is for fast removal (single rim) on conrete, masonry, stone and similar materials. Learn More
  9. Gundlach Replacement Scraper Blades

    Gundlach Replacement Scraper Blades

    Price From: $5.00

    Replacement blades for 4" & 8" Scrapers

    4" - 10/Tube

    8" - 9/Tube

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  10. Tapper Drill Bits - Straight Shank

    Tapper Drill Bits - Straight Shank

    Price From: $3.20

    TAPPER Drill Bits in the diameters listed are nominal size. 3/16" and 1/4" Perma-Seal TAPPER anchors must be installed with special tolerance TAPPER drill bits. 1/4" Stainless Steel TAPPER anchors require the use of specific tolerance TAPPER drill bits, which are gold or silver colored, to denote the standard size and special application size for harder materials. 3/8" diameter TAPPER anchors should be installed with a 1/4" ANSI drill bit.

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Items 1 to 10 of 400 total