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ACI Powers Through High Humidity at Fostoria High School

Keeping humidity in check is essential to staying on schedule, no matter the season. Consider dehumidifiers for your next job.If you're a regular reader of my posts you probably recognized the project named in the title.

Dehumidifiers help keep your schedule on track no matter the weather. ACI has been working on Fostoria HS through winter, spring, and summer.

If you aren't, here's what went down: last winter the team at ACI creatively used hydronic heat to combat high humidity and keep their job on track (read more here and here).

This method got them through the winter and early spring when temperatures stayed relatively low.

Summer weather often brings high humidity. We recommend dehumidification to protect wooden cabinetry. During cold weather hydronic heat kept humidity in check. But what about summer?

Now that temperatures are high, however, heat is no longer an option for controlling humidity.  What do you do when your old fix won't work in new conditions?

If you're the ACI team you simply shift gears.

Working with wooden cabinets this summer? Consider using dehumidifiers to protect your product. Dehumidifiers helped protect the new wooden cabinets at Fostoria.

Ever the forward-thinker, Andrew Brown contacted us to put together a plan.  The results were not only immediate, they were also dramatic.  Using a network of air-movers and dehumidifiers, we were able to prevent side effects like cracking drywall and delayed finishes.

During the project relative humidity outside averaged from the high 80s to the mid-90s for six straight weeks. Inside the school, however, RH levels stayed at the very schedule-friendly 50s and 60s.  Even with aggressive amounts of finish work and painting throughout the 80,000 sq ft space, the project continued marching forward as planned.

Dehumidification keeps indoor conditions ideal for construction no matter the weather outside. Despite high humidity and heat outside, the work went on in ideal conditions inside.

It's hard to put an exact value on the amount of time you didn't lose.

At the same time, however, it is absolutely invaluable to keep your project on track.  We are proud to provide the means to do just that.  Once again, congratulations to the Fostoria team.

High humidity is a threat to finishes. Dehumidification eliminates that threat. Fostoria High School is a big project. Controlling humidity has kept in on track.

Dehumidification is a great solution for high humidity on the job.