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Dehumidification Keeps Finish Schedule on Track at First Solar

Dehumidifiers help keep ambient conditions from wrecking your finish schedule.It seems like we talked about the use of our ground-thaw equipment at First Solar just a few weeks ago.

As you may recall Rudolph-Libbe needed to thaw out the ground for the 47,000 sq ft office so they could finish grading and place concrete. With that done the team began enclosing the section so finishes could get begin.

Controlling conditions is critical to a timely finish schedule. That's where dehumidification comes in. Ground thaw equipment helped with the pour, but what about the finishes?

Orchestrating a finish schedule with flooring and dry wall is no mean feat, but that wasn't all.

To further complicate matters, the large area would not just be an office. The planned space also included a gymnasium, exercise areas, and locker rooms. Ambient conditions could easily derail any or all of these finishes.  Out-of-control RH levels could push back drying times by days or weeks, putting the project way behind schedule.

By controlling RH with a dehumidifier you no longer have to worry about ambient conditions messing with your finishes. The First Solar team couldn't afford to let RH schedules set them back.

Fortunately, the team already planned for this eventuality.

Before the ground-thaw equipment had even left the site in February they asked about putting together a plan. The result? A mix of dehumidifiers and air movers. These would maintain RH at the levels needed to keep work going quickly and effectively.

Controlling humidity is critical to maintaining your finish schedule. Rudolph-Libbe's effective plan is helping keep their finishes on track.

When it comes to climate control, even if you didn't originally budget for it the return on investment always exceeds the upfront cost.

Most of all, you have peace of mind knowing you did everything you could to avoid delays.  Congratulations to the entire First Solar Rudolph-Libbe team on a well-thought out, well-executed plan.  We are privileged to once again participate in your success.With climate control from Phipps you can rest easy knowing RH levels will stay where they need to be.