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Video Demo on Remote Controlled Floor Grinder

The world's first remote-controlled concrete floor grinder with a patented Dual Drive Technology.

Enable higher productivity, create better work results, and enjoy effortless transportation to and from the work site with the Husqvarna PG820RC.

Technical specifications include:

  • 17HP
  • Voltage: 380-480V
  • Grinding Width: 32"
  • Grinding Disc: 10.5"
  • Grind Disc Speed, RPM: 250-1,100

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Husqvarna PG820RC

Watch a time lapse demonstration of the Husqvarna PG820RC and Husqvar DC6000 Vac being used to prep and polish a floor.

Watch the Husqvarna PG820 in action!

Husqvarna PG820 RC