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Climate & Air Control

Climate & Air Control

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  1. Quest Power Air Mover A3000

    Quest Power Air Mover A3000 - Rental


    $20 Daily $60 Weekly l $180 Monthly 

    • Airflow of 3000 CFM
    • 2.5 amps (High)/1.9 amps (Low)
    • Long-life 2-speed motor
    • Low noise, quiet operation
    • 20 ft AC cord with cord management
    • Units interlock for ease of stacking during storage and handling
    • Weighs 2.5 lbs less than competitive units
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  2. Quest Power Hepa 1400

    Quest Power Hepa 1400 Pro Jobsite Air Scrubber - Rental


    $75 Daily $225 Weekly l $675 Monthly

    Quest PowerHEPA 1400 Pro is a portable HEPA air scrubber designed to capture virtually all removable airborne particles. In a 16 x 16 x 8 foot room, the Quest PowerHEPA 1400 Pro (1400 CFM) will amazingly perform one air change in just over a minute. At the recommended four air changes per hour, a single Quest PowerHEPA 1400 Pro can effectively control up to 21,000 cubic feet.

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  3. Quest Power Hepa 500

    Quest Power Hepa 500 Jobsite Air Scrubber - Rental


    $50 Daily $150 Weekly l $450 Monthly

    The Quest PowerHEPA 500 is a portable HEPA air scrubber designed to capture virtually all removable airborne particles. The powerful PowerHEPA 500 (500 CFM) can perform one air change in a 16 x 16 x 8 foot room in less than 4 minutes. 

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  4. Quest Power Dry 4000

    Quest Power Dry 4000 Pro Dehumidifier - Rental


    $85 Daily $255 Weekly l $765 Monthly

    The Quest PowerDry 4000 Pro dehumidifier is a larger capacity, stainless steel unit designed with the perfect combination of high performance and portability, with its manageable size and weight. The multiple ducting options on the Quest PowerDry 4000 Pro not only allows for ducting both the intake and processed air, but also makes it possible to easily combine this unit with a HEPA air scrubber, air conditioner or desiccant dehumidifier.

    As an added benefit, the significant air filtration system of all Quest Dehumidifiers dramatically improves indoor air quality.

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  5. Quest EHS 31 Pro Portable Electric Heater

    Quest EHS 31 Pro Portable Electric Heater - Rental


    $185 Daily $555 Weekly l $1,665 Monthly

    The Quest Power Electric Heat EHS 31 Pro portable electric heater provides two power options.

    30 amps/18,000 BTUs and with the flip of a switch the 50 amp setting provides 31,000 BTUs. Quest Heaters’ multiple ducting options and powerful BTU outputs can bring immediate, safe heat when and where it is most needed on the job site. All Quest electric heaters are ETL Certified, UL Listed, and NEC Compliant.

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  6. Quest Hydronic Heating Units

    Hydronic Heating System - Quoted Per Project

    The Quest PowerHeat Hydronic Heating system includes burners that are designed to operate on multiple fuel sources and heat exchangers that distribute heat inside the work area. Contact us below for an estimate on your project requiring climate control.

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6 Item(s)