Logistics & Warehousing

Chas. E. Phipps Logistics & Warehousing Service

Phipps is offering the use of our facilities to temporarily warehouse materials that you and any sub-contractors need for jobs where space is a premium. With our forklifts and people, we will take delivery of materials and send the contractor confirmation of what has arrived. We will store the materials (if needed in a heated warehouse) and either deliver the material to the job or arrange for the contractor to pick-up when needed. Phipps would reserve the right to screen all the materials intended for these services on the basis of safety, environmental concerns, and competitive situations.

Phipps Strengths: We believe we can meet the objectives above based on the following:

  • Product Knowledge: The Phipps warehouse staff has a sound understanding of our customers, products, and the product handling requirements.
  • Location: Phipps Cleveland, Canton and Toledo locations are strategically located and easily accessible.
  • Warehouse: All 3 Phipps locations have plenty of heated warehouse space to temporarily handle customer’s material and equipment.
  • Operations/Logistics: Warehouse operations and Logistics are two areas of expertise we can deliver for contractors and their projects.

Responsibilities: The Chas. E. Phipps Company assumes all liability relating to the products stored and handled in our warehouse. This will include inspecting and accurately receiving material, storing material safely, and providing customer will call or delivery of customer material as needed.

Inventory Handling Process:

  • Shipment Receiving (this process will be completed the day the shipment arrives):
    • Customer sends email or fax notification of incoming shipment with product details. You can also have Phipps arrange for the shipment of your materials to help save you time and money.
    • Shipment arrives and is checked in by Phipps warehouse staff against the truck packing list/shipment notification email/fax.
    • Inventory is put away in the warehouse location assigned to customer, duplicate stock will be rotated if needed.
    • The initial e-mail/fax notification of the incoming shipment will be replied to with any notes, adjustments, etc., to confirm receipt of the shipment. We can also provide pictures of material if needed.
  • Customer Outbound Shipments or will call.
    • Customer calls or emails with requested material list, including instructions on when the product is needed. (24/hour notice is preferred)
    • Warehouse staff will "pick" the customers material and have it staged for will call or delivery on Phipps truck or customers preferred method of transportation. Use of Phipps trucks and/or Phipps logistics service will be priced at the time of the customer’s request.
    • A reply email or fax is sent along with the tracking number of the shipment to confirm the order has shipped.

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