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Equipment Rental

Innovative construction and concrete rental equipment for installing material, surface prep, climate and air control, cutting and demolition.

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  1. Quick View Allen HDX 600 8' Riding Trowel

    Allen HDX 600 8' Riding Trowel - Concrete Rental Equipment


    Concrete Rental Equipment Rates: $475 Daily $1,425 Weekly l $4,275 Monthly

    Designed to satisfy the most demanding concrete contractors, the Allen HDX600, Hydraulic-Powered Riding Trowel is packed with the punch of a high-horsepower diesel engine and is the most powerful rider in its class and also one of the most dependable. With ideal weight to horsepower ratio and hydraulic components (including a patented automatic load sensing device), the HDX600 ensures a peak performance every time.

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  2. Quick View Graco Ecoquip 100m Portable Vapor Blaster

    Graco Ecoquip 100m Portable Vapor Blaster - Rental


    $425 Daily $1,275 Weekly l $3,825 Monthly

    Compact, portable blast equipment fits in the bed of a pickup truck

    With its built-in hand truck, slide rails and convenient lifting eye, the patented EQ100m design is easy to move at the jobsite. The EQ100m can accommodate any abrasive heavier than water. It's a tough worker, capable of handling any type of project, from cleaning to surface preparation.

    • Requires 165-375 cfm air compressor
    • Fits in the bed of most standard pickup trucks
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  3. Quick View Husqvarna PG450 Floor Grinder 115V - Rental

    Husqvarna PG450 Floor Grinder 115V - Rental


    $305 Daily $915 Weekly l $2,745 Monthly

    PG 450 is a versatile and user-friendly planetary floor grinder. Perfect for a wide range of applications, e.g. coating removal, concrete grinding and concrete polishing. With its 18" grinding width it is excellent for both small hard to get to areas, as well as larger surfaces. It is ideal for rental and both professional and semi-professional applications due to its many self-adjusting benefits. 1-phase means it is suitable for industrial and domestic applications. It can easily be folded and divided without tools for transport and storage.


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  4. Quick View Dual Component Polyurea Pump

    Dual Component Polyurea Pump - Concrete Rental Equipment


    Concrete Rental Equipment Rates: $315 Daily $945 Weekly l $2,835 Monthly

    Rugged and lightweight construction make this machine a prime choice. The powerful electric motor will keep up even with the fastest operator. The applicator features a speed control knob and is made from strong aluminum to further enhance the ease of use of this sturdy and reliable machine. For use with non-filled epoxy and polyurea with a 1:1 ratio.

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  5. Quick View National Flooring Equipment 5625 Propane Riding Scraper - Rental

    National 5625 Propane Riding Scraper - Concrete Rental Equipment


    Concrete Rental Equipment Rates: $685 Daily $2,055 Weekly l $6,165 Monthly

    The 5625 boasts a 25 hp water cooled Kawasaki engine with the lowest emissions output in the industry • Its unique design allows the 5625 to plow through material without hesitation.

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  6. Quick View Larue HEPA Pulse Vacuum

    Larue Pulse HEPA Filter Vacuum Rental


    $70 Daily $210 Weekly l $630 Monthly

    The Larue Pulse Vac is a certified HEPA vacuum. It can be used for the general cleanup, vacuuming hard surfaces or carpets, but is designed to collect, capture and control dust generated by hand held power tools, surface preparation equipment up to 20" diameter and manufacturing machinery. Our revolutionary design in vacuum filtration automatically flushes the filters clear while you work, using only ambient air and vacuum. 

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  7. Quick View Spectra HV101 Laser  Kit

    Spectra HV101 Laser Kit - Rental


    $70 Daily $210 Weekly l $630 Monthly

    Multipurpose Construction Laser for Interior and Exterior Applications. Exceptional versatility allows it to handle a wide variety of horizontal, vertical and plumb applications. The HV101 laser transmitter is automatically self leveled in the horizontal and vertical planes and sends a continuous 360-degree laser reference over the entire work area. The HV101 laser is easy to set up and use and is rugged enough for the toughest jobsite.

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  8. Quick View Allen 36" Edging Trowel - Rental

    Allen 36" Edging Trowel - Rental


    $95 Daily $285 Weekly l $855 Monthly


    • Honda GX270 - 9HP
    • Maximum Rotor Speed - 118 RPM
    • Guard rings rotate, allow walker to snug and ride along an edge. Finishes to 5/16" with Float Pans or 3/4" with Blades


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  9. Quick View Graco 1500 RTX Hopper Sprayer

    Graco 1500 RTX Hopper Sprayer - Rental


    $125 Daily $375 Weekly l $1,125 Monthly

    The RTX 1500 is packed with innovative features and performance points – designed for the professional texture contractor. Electric air powered sprayer for cementitious sprayable products and all Thoro products.

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  10. Quick View Quikspray Carrousel Electric-Operated Pump - Rental

    Quikspray Carrousel Electric-Operated Pump - Rental


    $325 Daily $975 Weekly l $2,925 Monthly

    This Carrousel model is configured specifically for thinner cement coatings, i.e. toppings & underlayments. This can be also used for pumping plasters or other cement formulas that are applied 1/4" or less in thickness.

    • 1 HP - 110VAC variable speed motor and control
    • 18 Gallon Hopper
    • 16" pneumatic tires
    • Material Delivery - Approximately 2 GPM

    Requires a minimum compressor of 10 CFM for spraying applications

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Items 1 to 10 of 99 total