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Equipment Rental

Innovative construction and concrete rental equipment for installing material, surface prep, climate and air control, cutting and demolition.

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  1. Bartell SP8 8" Electric Scarifier - Rental

    Bartell SP8 8" Electric Scarifier - Rental


    $285 Daily $855 Weekly l $2,565 Monthly

    For any surface, for any coating, the SP8 performs with great versatility. It offers high speed, accurate surface preparation at an economical price. The SP8 utilizes a variety of hardened steel or tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) cutters in cage set ups geared for specific needs.

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  2. Husqvarna K 3000 Cut-n-Break Saw

    Husqvarna K3000 Electric Saw - Rental


    $90 Daily $270 Weekly l $810 Monthly

    • For the specialty contractor that needs to cut different materials or work in confined areas where gas shouldn’t be used
    • Made for cutting indoors and outdoors
    • Ideal for quick and easy cutting of building block, pipe, reinforcement bar, supports, etc
    • Great solution for jobsite dust control; eliminates dust when cutting concrete

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  3. Stand-Up Joint Clean-Out Saw

    Stand-Up Joint Clean-Out Saw - Rental


    $125 Daily $375 Weekly l $1,125 Monthly

    This US Saws SX13550 Dust Buggy Joint Cleanout Concrete Saw can be used directly with the Metabo W24-230 grinder to help you maintain a clean jobsite. The SX13550 can be used with a 7" or 8" blade to reach a maximum cutting depth of 2"

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  4. National 6280 Self Propelled Scraper

    National 6280 Self Propelled Scraper - Rental


    $230 Daily $690 Weekly l $2,070 Monthly

    This self-propelled stripper will remove the worst of today’s glued-down floors, gummy commercial carpet, VCT, solid vinyl, radial rubber tile, sheet rubber, indoor and outdoor sport surfaces, roofing material, etc.

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  5. National 8000 Propane Riding Scraper - Rental

    National 8000 Propane Riding Scraper - Rental


    $785 Daily $2,355 Weekly l $7,065 Monthly

    This 2,842-pound scraper rivals other manufacturers̓ heavier machines. Different from scrapers that are powered using a hydrostat drive system, the 8000 offers the speed and power of propane while also combining the patented carbide angle-shank technology with the added efficiency of dual-lift hydraulic slide plates.

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  6. National Flooring Equipment 5700 Battery Powered  Riding Scraper - Rental

    National 5700 Battery Powered Riding Scraper - Rental


    $685 Daily $2,055 Weekly l $6,165 Monthly

    Considering the extensive hours operators occupy the driver seat, National’s Ride-On Machines are engineered with comfort and longevity in mind! Appropriately named the All Day Battery Ride-On removal and floor preparation machine - this machine has the ability to operate through an average eight hour day without requiring a battery recharge, or electrical cord assistance.

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  7. MDF35 Long Reach Pneumatic Chisel / Tool

    MDF35 Long Reach Pneumatic Chisel - Rental


    $60 Daily $180 Weekly l $540 Monthly

    Designed for a wide variety of surface preparation projects. Work fast and easy for removing vinyl and ceramic tiles, carpet adhesives and material build-ups from floors and walls. 7 CFM min compressor, 55 1/2" overall length. Bits included in rental.

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  8. National Flooring Equipment Adjustable Handle 550 Walk Behind Floor Scraper

    National 550 Walk Behind Floor Scraper - Rental


    $105 Daily $315 Weekly l $945 Monthly

    The 550 is ideal for residential work and tight, confined spaces on commercial jobs. The accelerated RPM orbital cutting action delivers an efficient and operator-friendly machine. With decimal ratings under industry and safety standards, this machine is a must-have.

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  9. Blastpro BP 10-27 Riding Shot Blaster

    Blastpro BP 10-27 10" Riding Shot Blaster - Rental


    $985 Daily $2,955 Weekly l $8,865 Monthly

    The BP-10-27 ride on self contained shot blasting system is the perfect solution for medium to large jobs and eliminates the need of a generator or electric power. The BP-10-27 and its rounded housing allows for superior performance and offers the new innovative Hammer Head reversible dovetail blade system incorporated into the paddle wheel design. 

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  10. Allen Pro TWP 4469H Walk Behind Trowel - 46"

    Allen 46" Walk Behind Trowel - Rental


    $95 Daily $285 Weekly l $855 Monthly

    Engineered for the concrete professional, our Allen Walkers are designed to produce high tolerance concrete floors (as measured by F-Numbers) with highquality features that are hard to find on other trowels. Allen Pro-Series Walkers feature precision engineered Allen Gearboxes for long, trouble-free life. We use cast iron spiders, pressure plates and lift levers for long wear and continuous service. Allen precision machines the trowel arms and spiders to such close tolerances that our trowels don’t need bushings.

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Items 11 to 20 of 113 total