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Equip & Power Tools

Phipps offers a selection of concrete construction power tools and high performance equipment for various types of concrete jobs and projects.

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  1. CDCLarue Hum-B 7" Floor Grinder

    CDC Larue Hum-B 7" Floor Grinder - Concrete Rental Equipment


    Concrete Rental Equipment Rates: $90 Daily $270 Weekly l $810 Monthly

    Our stand-up grinder allows the operator to stand and not have to work on their knees when grinding and sanding concrete, terrazzo and masonry products or doing surface preparation work. The height adjustment mechanism allows the caddy to be adjusted to accommodate individual users. A halogen light shines above the grinding area to show scratches in dark areas.

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  2. Metabo 1-3/4" SDS-Max KHE56 Rotary Hammer

    Metabo 1-3/4" SDS-Max KHE56 Rotary Hammer

    • Rotation stop for chiselling - Metabo VibraTech (MVT): integrated damping system to reduce vibrations in order to protect the user's health
    • Optional 30% impact reduction setting for working with more pliant materials
    • Vario-Tacho-Constamatic (VTC)-Full Wave Electronics for working with customised speeds for the materials used that remain almost constant under load
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  3. Bartell 1570 Plate Compactor

    Bartell 1570 Plate Compactor - Rental


    $75 Daily $225 Weekly l $675 Monthly

    • Hydraulic reversing mechanism with flexible maneuverability allows the machine for forward, backward, and spot-on compaction
    • Cast aluminum throttle lever for a more professional, stronger, and durable for tamping
    • New closed style frame for increased engine and guide hook protection
    • Cast aluminum belt cover for increased clutch and engine longevity
    • Ductile iron bases for increased strength and durability
    • Optional extension plates and urethane mat options available
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  4. Whiteman 9 cu ft Mortar Mixer

    Whiteman 9 cu ft Mortar Mixer - Rental


    $95 Daily $285 Weekly l $855 Monthly

    Mixes up to 12 cubic feet (340 liters), 3-1/2 - 4 bags of material. Heavy duty safety grate with built-in bag cutter. Durable paddle shaft of 1-1/4" square hardened steel. Double sealed bearings with eight spring-loaded grease-able seals. Heavy duty removable tow tongue made of tough schedule 80 steel. 13" tires for smooth towing. Suspension springs standard. Mechanical Drive Features Drive gear and multiple disc clutch are immersed in oil and fully protected for long, trouble-free life.

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  5. Husqvarna FS524 Floor Saw

    Husqvarna Walk Behind Floor Saw 24" Rental - FS524


    $190 Daily $570 Weekly l $1,710 Monthly

    A small self-propelled walk behind saw perfect for cutting sidewalks, driveways, and other small repair or service work. This 24in. FS 524 walk-behind concrete saw features a patented IntelliSeal bladeshaft system that provides 250 maintenance-free hours and eliminates the need to grease bearings on a daily basis. Engine and bladeshaft mount system reduce vibration for better cutting. Spring-assist screw feed adjustment makes raising and lowering of the blade easy. Lift bail is standard for easy loading and unloading.

    Higher production on medium to small service work and repair jobs in concrete or asphalt.

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  6. Quikspray Carrousel Pump (shown with optional mixer)

    Quikspray Carrousel Air-Operated Pump - Rental


    $325 Daily $975 Weekly l $2,925 Monthly

    Pump and apply a variety of commercial grout formulas
    • Epoxy, cement or plaster
    • With or without aggregate
    • Easily pump fibered products

    Rental Includes: 1-1/2” x 50’ hose 

    Requires a minimum compressor of 125 CFM to operate/spray with pump

    Need help selecting a pump or have general questions? Ask our Pump Equipment Expert!

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  7. Allen MP215 Riding Trowel

    Allen MP215 Riding Trowel


    The Mechanical-Drive Pro (MP) Series represents our entry-level rider complete with features found on our larger riders and the renowned durability of all Allen Equipment. These riders are equipped with high-horsepower gasoline engines, heavy-duty drivetrains and packed in easy -to- service frames. 

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  8. Husqvarna Soff-Cut 2000 Saw

    Husqvarna Soff-Cut 2000 Saw - Rental


    $285 Daily $855 Weekly l $2,565 Monthly

    A self-propelled dry-cutting gas saw ideal for medium to heavy-duty commercial, industrial and paving applications. The Husqvarna 2000 is designed for versatility, ease of use and high production capabilities. Three blade widths can be used, allowing for different joint widths and crack control simultaneously. Features include a 9 hp engine with automatic compression release for easy starting, chain driven overhead cam system, superior cooling, excellent lubrication system, and a cyclone air cleaner to increase engine longevity.

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  9. Wyco ErgoPack WB950 Backpack Vibrator - Rental

    Backpack Vibrator - Rental


    $65 Daily $195 Weekly l $585 Monthly

    The Wyco backpack design provides for easy mobility around the jobsite and can allow one user to easily vibrate low to high slump concrete with up to a 2” head with ease. Featuring a diaphragm carburetor, users can have the backpack in virtually any position and the unit will remain running while a low oil shutoff prevents engine burn-up.

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  10. Allen Engineering MSP445 Riding Trowel

    Allen Engineering MSP445 Riding Trowel


    Featuring manual-lever steering and the power and torque of a gasoline engine, the Mechanical-Drive Super Pro (MSP) Series is our most popular rider with larger contractors. These riding trowels are powerful and responsive due their weight to horsepower ratio. The five bladed rotor is driven by a Super Heavy-Duty Gearbox, allowing the power to be delivered where it is needed. Standard features include an electric-powered spray system and built-in cup holder. 

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Items 31 to 40 of 223 total