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Division 03 Concrete


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  1. Ardex GPS General Patch & Skimcoat 25 lb bag

    Ardex GPS General Patch & Skimcoat 25 lb bag


    General Patch and Skimcoat

    General patch and skimcoat. A trowelable patch and skimcoat for use over interior concrete, wood, ceramic tile, and cutback. An economical alternative to Ardex Feather Finish with slower set times. Install from a featheredge up to a 1/2", install flooring in 1-2 hours.

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  2. Ardex TWP Tilt Wall Patch

    Ardex TWP Tilt Wall Patch


    Wall Patch and Finishing Compound for Vertical Concrete

    A trowelable Portland cement-based finishing compound used to fill and smooth interior and exterior vertical concrete surfaces such as tilt-up walls, pre-cast or poured in place concrete panels, and other concrete or masonry surfaces prior to sealing or painting.

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  3. Ardex Rover Barrel Cart

    Ardex Rover Barrel Cart


    Designed in response to feedback from installers, the Ardex Rover Rolling Barrel Cart cures the “pains” of the traditional barrel mixing and carrying process.  This new tool allows installers to mix up to three bags (210 lbs.) at a time and it facilitates the transport of heavy batches. Its light but robust structure and four-way directional casters make it easy to maneuver on the jobsite. The tilting mechanism enables an almost effortless but precision and controlled pour.

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  4. Ardex P-71 Primer 1 gallon

    Ardex P-71 Primer 1 gallon


    Primer for Ardex K301

    Use P 71 primer over absorbent concrete surfaces, P 71 Primer not to be used with other Ardex products.

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  5. Ardex MC Plus Moisture Control System - Red 13.2 lb unit

    Ardex MC Plus Moisture Control System - Red 13.2 lb unit


    Primer - Two-Coat Moisture Control System for Concrete Receiving Ardex Underlayments

    Moisture Control System for concrete to receive Ardex engineered cements. Solvent-free, alkali resistant, low viscosity, two-coat epoxy resin. Use prior to installation of Ardex engineered cements over new or existing concrete that has moisture levels in excess of the maximum permitted by the manufacturer of the finished floor covering or coating. Reduces moisture from up to 20lbs to less than 3lbs overnight. MC Plus is an interior two-coat epoxy resin system that does not require a sand broadcast for underlayment applications under a 1/4” thick. MC Rapid is an interior one-coat epoxy resin system that can be ready to prime in just 4 hours.

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  6. Ardex T-2 Mixing Paddle

    Ardex T-2 Mixing Paddle

    Special ring type design for speed and thorough mixing. Learn More
  7. Ardex SD-T Gray 50 lb bag Topping

    Ardex SD-T Gray 50 lb bag


    Gray - Self-Drying, Self-Leveling, Concrete Topping

    Self-drying, self-leveling Portland cement-based topping for fast-track resurfacing and leveling of indoor concrete. Installs from 1/4" to 2" in one operation. Ideal for fast turn-around of commercial floors, can be coated with a concrete sealer just 2 hours after installation. 

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  8. Ardex CD Concrete Dressing Gray - Fine 20 lb bag

    Ardex CD Concrete Dressing Gray - Fine 20 lb bag


    Concrete Resurfacing Material

    Ardex CD Fine is designed to be applied thinner than Ardex CD due to smaller aggregate. A surface treatment for re-dressing worn, spalled, indoor or outdoor concrete surfaces to provide a “new concrete” finish. Mixes with water to a smooth slurry consistency for application over concrete surfaces. Hardens quickly, takes foot traffic in 2 hours and can be driven on after 6-8 hours. Not intended for industrial uses or areas with heavy truck traffic.

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  9. Ardex SD-M Designer Floor Finish (Micro-Top) - Gray 10 lb bag

    SD-M Designer Floor Finish (Micro-Top) - Gray 10 lb bag


    Self-Drying, Troweable Topping for Finishing or Resurfacing Interior Floors

    A self-drying, Portland cement-based, trowelable topping for fast track finishing or resurfacing of interior concrete and certain non-porous surfaces. Use Ardex SD-M to provide a hard, flat, smooth surface for warehouses, utility rooms and light manufacturing.

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  10. Ardex Concrete Guard Gray 1 gallon

    Ardex Concrete Guard Gray 1 gallon


    A high solids acrylic sealer designed to protect all common concrete and masonry surfaces, both interior and exterior. Especially suited for sealing Ardex CD.

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Items 1 to 10 of 33 total