Anthony Wayne Primary School: Mel Lanzer Refuses to Slow Down for Spring

Anthony Wayne Primary School: Mel Lanzer Refuses to Slow Down for Spring

Jun 24th 2019 Posted by Matt Milos

Despite high humidity, by developing a climate control plan the Mel Lanzer team managed to stay on track.Today we're going highlight a team that recognized threats to their schedule ahead of time and refused to let humidity slow them down.

The Mel Lanzer Company is currently building the new Anthony Wayne Primary School for the Maumee City School District. With construction taking place throughout spring and early summer, high humidity is a given.

Working on a roof this spring? Consider using climate control to save time on finishes further down the line.

Working on a roof in spring leaves lots of room for humidity-related delays on finishes.

Experienced Superintendent Tom Sullivan knows what high indoor humidity can do to paint on masonry. Masonry is a porous substrate and, like a sponge, holds water. With high enough humidity, finish application becomes impossible.

With the right climate control plan you can keep humidity exactly where you need it regardless of ambient conditions.

Tom knew he needed to take the initiative on humidity.

Tom contacted us with his concerns and we worked with him to develop a plan to speed up production.

We proposed sectioning off half of the 65,000 sq ft building for 2-3 weeks. That way the team could control climate on one side while completing the roof on the other. This might not sound like a big deal, but this allowed the team to begin treatment early. Ultimately this could save the team up to a month in production simply by avoiding delays.

Let climate control keep your finishes on time while you finish the roof!

By controlling climate in the covered area the team could keep humidity in check.

At the time that I'm writing this, the plan is in place with RH levels tracking 18-20 points below ambient conditions.

The Lanzer team is currently applying finishes and the project is on track. Congratulations to Mel Lanzer on a great start. Thank you for entrusting us with your schedule.

Climate control units may be small but they have a big effect on your schedule.