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MasterFlow 648 Low Dust, formerly 648 CP Plus, high-strength epoxy grout

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Low Dust, high-strength, high-flow epoxy grout
Used to secure critical equipment for proper alignment and transmission of static and dynamic loads
Yield: 1.70 ft³
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Product Description

MasterFlow 648 is an epoxy resin-based precision grout used to secure critical equipment for proper alignment and transmission of static and dynamic loads. With carefully balanced physical properties and excellent resistance to chemical attack, elevated service temperatures, vibration and torque, MasterFlow 648 is formulated for easy installation, with good flow characteristics suitable for pouring or pumping, low dust generation and soap and water cleanup

(Formerly known as 648 CP Plus)


  • High early and ultimate strengths for rapid turnaround
  • Low-dusting for added worker comfort and safety
  • Low creep maintains equipment alignment
  • Retains physical properties at elevated temperatures increasing the service range
  • Excellent flowability with high bearing area for even load distribution
  • Variable fill ratio for desired flowability
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Resists impact and dampens torque
  • Extended working time
  • Pumpable for maximum productivity on large grout installations.
  • Durable bond to concrete and steel optimizes load transfer


  • Precision alignment of compressors, generators, pumps, fans and electric motors
  • Pour-back grouting for post-tensioning cables
  • Sole plates
  • Crane rail grouting
  • Grouting of rolling, stamping, grinding, crushing, drawing and finishing mills, forging hammers and other equipment subject to high torque, impact and vibration
  • Grouting of wind turbine tower bases
  • Grouting of anchors, bars and dowels
Yield (4 bag unit)
1.70 ft³
Yield (3 bag unit)
1.40 ft³
Working Time
90-120 min @70°F
Compressive Strength, cured @77°F
10,800 psi (24 hrs), 13,400 psi (4 days)
Soap and Water



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