RediLock G1470 Hard Bond Elite-Grind Series (3-packs)

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Designed for Soft Concrete and Porous ceramic glues.
Price includes 3 segments
Husqvarna G1400 series provide the highest level of performance
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Product Description

Husqvarna Redi Lock Diamond Polishing Segments are designed for Soft Concrete and porous ceramic glues. The Elite-Series provide improved production over previous series.

The G1470 series of diamond polishing segments offers the excellent removal rates and durability, providing maximum profitability and performance with all types of applications. It also covers surface preparation applications in only three steps before using the resin tools in polishing applications.


 Name Single/Double Grit Size  Shape Bond Hardness Part Number
 G1473S Single 20 Two Notch Hard 501907701
 G1473D Double 20 Two Notch Hard 501907702
 G1474S Single 30 One Notch Hard 501907901
 G1474D Double 30 One Notch Hard 501907902
 G1475S Single 50 Rounded End Hard 501908101
 G1475D Double 50 Rounded End Hard 501908102

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